The Invitation

The Invitation


are keeper of bees

and rainbow dimensions

and just as playful upon my heart.

Yet, I fear

I have kept a secret,

dear spirit of Spring.

I am chaos

and destruction

and can only keep lost souls

and nightmares


my indigo-charred skin.

My love, I have given you false promise.

I lack the divine power

to keep you safe in my world

or hold myself in yours;

we are trapped in a circadian spell.

Still, hope springs eternal, even in hell,

and my faithful winter wolf watches

the gateway between worlds

for you.

I’m at the Olympics! (Well, not really…)





All I want to do is just curl up with my cat and watch the Olympics. Or other football games airing right now. The cat has other plans–like yowling for food when she has a full bowl, or getting on my lap 20+ times, only to decide she’d rather be snoozing in the sun or in front of the fan.

I can’t really fault her–I’m feeling pretty antsy myself. I get established with a cozy cup of tea, my notebook and the right pen, and the Olympics (or non-Olympic soccer games) on in the background, and I suddenly go from being a sloth (no insult to sloths intended) to feeling like I could run to Jupiter and back. But I don’t really have anywhere go, so I just pace around a bit, organize my books or my drawers for the ten thousandth time until I settle down enough to give my cat a lap for the .00001 of a second that she wants it. Ah, ADHD.

I want to be in Rio for the Olympics. Live. Not that VR stuff they’ve been advertising on the commercials. Or be there as an athlete. Hard to explain…but I feel my next life shaping up even though I’m still in this one. It’s a very odd sensation. Like being in two different dimensions at once. I’m not even sure I believe in reincarnation.

Maybe I’ll make plans to travel to the Winter Olympics in South Korea! Anyway, I couldn’t come up with anything else for this travel blog, so here’s the requisite links if you want to go to the next Olympics in realtime. Maybe I’ll get to see you there. Or in my next life! LOL

This website really got me excited!



Oh. Sh*t.

Winter Wonderland Treats!

A whole bunch of delicious foodie links! (Sorry, I didn’t tag everybody…but there’s just so many great recipes!) What’s your favourite winter treats?

Sicilian American Recipes:

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Winter Pasta Sauces:

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Beets, Brussels Sprouts and Daikons to chase away the winter blues (according to Grist):

Mushroom and Spinach Korma:

Christmas Tree Bento (lunch):

Winter Wonderland Bento (lunch):

For those who like their holidays warmed up with a bit of exotic winter spice:

Mincemeat recipe:

Mince pies:

More Mince Pies:

These sweet and savory “sops” just beg to be included for winter wine tastings (or ale or a good stout):

More nibbles:

Weedburgers! (it’s not what you think) Give back to the planet this season:

Nutty Winter Goodness–Walnut Burger (Vegetarian):

Acorn Cakes:

Latkes for Hanukkah:

Peppermint Brownies:

Syllabub (unique dessert):

(Native American) Indian-style Pudding:

Christmas Wreath Cupcakes:

Espresso Bean Treats:

Peppermint Hot Chocolate:

Vegan eggnog!

Homemade Yule Chai Tea:

Porridge (which I love for breakfast…almost as much as beans on toast):

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Bacon Pancakes! (for real!):

Intriguing Omelette Recipe:

And, for a real winter-spirit dessert: