Sunday, Ordinary Sunday…

Sunday is my least favourite day. It just seems worse than Mondays, because Mondays, at least, are a fresh start. A do-over. Poor Sunday. It just seems to epitomize that droning-meeting-white-noise bored feeling.

But the real issue is that I’m sick. Allergy sick. I got allergy tested (Thank you, Medicaid), and discovered that not only am I allergic to the grasses that make up those dumb turf lawns that are so popular back in my home state, but also a fair bit of trees, certain  kinds of mold, hay, dust, and feathers, of all things. Guess I won’t be going out and hugging any more trees anytime soon. *laugh*

So, when I was cleaning out the art supply closet at work, I got sick. Like almost instantly sick. Within in a few hours, I started to get a sore throat. It wasn’t until a few days later that I found out there was mold growing on some stuff in the closet. By then I was really sick. Lost my voice and everything, but at least it supported the results of the allergy test. But, do you know how BLOODY hard it is to supervise a whole passel of overly excited little munchkins when you can’t even talk? Luckily, the kids are some of the most amazingly sweet kids I’ve ever met, so I was spared a Lord of the Flies reenactment. *laugh*

This morning, I even dreamed I was cleaning out and organizing an artist’s studio. Which would have been really annoying in that I was dreaming about something I’d been doing all week. Except that the studio was an open air one, surrounded by a low stone wall, and real green grass growing everywhere. And it was warm,  but not too hot, the sky was a soft blue with clouds, and there was that wonderful kind of breeze that comes off the ocean–playful and mysterious and reminding you that nature is a conscious, vibrant entity.

And then I got a sense of my muse being present. Not really in person, just a feeling they were watching me (from afar) enjoy the wind blowing all my bad feelings away and tangling my hair. It was too poignant, and too simple to even exploit for a poem, but I just wanted to acknowledge them in some way, in case they are out there reading this blog from an alternate dimension. Even though I know perfectly well they are just my creative mind speaking to me, I haven’t been able to make that connection to the part of my brain/soul that’s epitomized by said muse. But, still, I’ve been missing you, my Muse/figment of my imagination.

And now I have to go clean my own house on this prosaic, ordinary Sunday. While dreaming of an ideal day that was shared over at a blog called “Scotland with the Wee White Dug”. Rain, a quirky museum, and scotch? Honestly, what could be more fabulous?

Eating Around the World–Greenland


I always wanted to visit Greenland! Lately I’ve been dreaming of snowy climes…among lots of crap dreams, unfortunately.

Anyway, happy eating! (If you’re vegetarian, like me, you might be sh*t out of luck. At least, based on the links I found. LOL)

Here’s all the linky fun! (Now, excuse me, I’m trying to watch football *wink*). Been there? Share up your dining adventures in the comments!

Eating around the World: Canada


I have to say, I kinda drew a blank on this one (sorry Canadian readers) and I’ve even been to Canada multiple times, to my embarrassment. (Don’t hate me, please LOL) Probably because I’m vegetarian? But I did have high tea at the Empress–that I remember.

So, I’ll have to do some recruiting and ask you to help me out by sharing your favourite Canadian-style foods/recipes, and restaurants in the comments.

Poutine, maple syrup, and fish dishes are ubiquitous, according to Wikipedia, anyway. (

I love maple doughnuts 🙂

Other fun links (some with recipes):

Mmm, split pea soup! (Okay, I really do need to move to Canada 🙂 )

Okay, off to watch Olympic football (U.S. vs Sweden women’s football on now!)

I’m at the Olympics! (Well, not really…)





All I want to do is just curl up with my cat and watch the Olympics. Or other football games airing right now. The cat has other plans–like yowling for food when she has a full bowl, or getting on my lap 20+ times, only to decide she’d rather be snoozing in the sun or in front of the fan.

I can’t really fault her–I’m feeling pretty antsy myself. I get established with a cozy cup of tea, my notebook and the right pen, and the Olympics (or non-Olympic soccer games) on in the background, and I suddenly go from being a sloth (no insult to sloths intended) to feeling like I could run to Jupiter and back. But I don’t really have anywhere go, so I just pace around a bit, organize my books or my drawers for the ten thousandth time until I settle down enough to give my cat a lap for the .00001 of a second that she wants it. Ah, ADHD.

I want to be in Rio for the Olympics. Live. Not that VR stuff they’ve been advertising on the commercials. Or be there as an athlete. Hard to explain…but I feel my next life shaping up even though I’m still in this one. It’s a very odd sensation. Like being in two different dimensions at once. I’m not even sure I believe in reincarnation.

Maybe I’ll make plans to travel to the Winter Olympics in South Korea! Anyway, I couldn’t come up with anything else for this travel blog, so here’s the requisite links if you want to go to the next Olympics in realtime. Maybe I’ll get to see you there. Or in my next life! LOL

This website really got me excited!



Oh. Sh*t.

Sustainable Communities and Hippie…Communes?


Blog Theme Song: The Smiths “Unloveable”

I kinda grew up around punks and goths and street kids (when I wasn’t around theatre people), so I only had a brief immersion with the hippie subculture.

The few times I was around a lot of hippies, they were REALLY mean. Manipulative, intolerant, discriminatory, and sometimes even downright cruel. Especially hippie guys–and they were really sexist, to boot. (I should say, the younger generation(s) of hippies.) It was such a confusing paradox, especially since the entire movement seemed geared towards peace, love and acceptance. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Yet, I do have a lot of hippie-esque qualities, if stereotypes are anything to go by, but even surrounded by green hippies in a hippie college in Vermont–I still managed to not fit in.

I guess I’ve been thinking about this, lately, because I don’t really seem to make friends easily, and have always been kinda a social misfit, even within the inclusive shelter of goth/punk scene. I’m not sure exactly why, yet (still trying to figure it out)–whether it’s bad people skills (but I’m great at customer service jobs), or introversion, social awkwardness, inherently a loner, or just the luck of the Chaos Fairy, I really don’t know. I mean, animals like me, for the most part, so I can’t be all bad, right? *laugh* Even wild animals and  domesticated animals who aren’t comfortable with strangers–they tend to be drawn to me. Which is helpful when rescuing hawk babies, spiders, orphaned raccoon babies, jaywalking turtles, or stray cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.

So, I’m not really unlikable, I don’t think, for somebody who is often disliked or misunderstood. Animals are great judges of character,  don’t you think?

Anyway, enough with the self-indulgent moping.

For Sustainable Saturday, I decided to make a list of some socially and eco-conscious (or, other off-the-grid) planned communities, in case you want to escape the suburban mania and live a more…connected?…life. And, if you find your utopia, will you save a place at the community table for a mixed-up Chaos Fairy? I’ll bring some old-world fairy magic! *laugh*

Lost Valley

Hippie Havens

Lasqueti Island





Travel to…nowhere…


I got nothing on the creative front. *wry laugh* Really lagging the past week. Lots of crazy dreams taking me out of the real world, and yet, paradoxically, I’m pinned to the ground at the same time.

Wish I could go somewhere new for real.

Travel wish list:

  • Egypt
  • Australia
  • Vietnam
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • Antarctica
  • The Arctic Circle
  • Hawaii (I know, but I have a friend there)
  • Costa Rica
  • Boca Del Toros
  • Japan
  • Jupiter
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland

Where would you go if you could?



Eating around the World: The United States


Luckily, I’m still feeling summery-lazy, so this will be a short list. I’ve lived and visited a bunch of places in the U.S. and, while I still pine for the international cuisine I sampled way too many years ago (French bread. Italian gelato and espresso. Indian food in the UK.), there are a few restaurants that stand out in my memory on this side of the pond. I tend to like my restaurants cozy, down-to-earth, and simple, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good!

In Burlington, Vermont:

A Single Pebble is, quite simply, the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to. I still get cravings for their Mock Eel–which, from their menu description, is “crispy shiitake mushrooms glazed in a ginger scallion soy sauce”. And it’s unbelievably good. I miss Vermont for a lot of reasons, but this tops the list.

In Asheville, North Carolina:

The Laughing Seed. Because of their amazing variety of vegetarian/vegan options. They also have a lot of stuff that’s gluten free, which I would have appreciated more if I’d known then that I was gluten intolerant. Anyhoo, I don’t see my favourite on the menu anymore (but, my brain is getting old, so…) but I think the Seven Seas Filet comes close to replicating it. (Maybe that was it?) Truthfully, the wait service was consistently poor, even from the viewpoint of this sympathetically patient former food service worker, but the delicious food made up for the rude and inattentive waitstaff.

In Sarasota, Florida:

Sunrise Cafe–A cozy, friendly, down-to-earth jewel in increasingly elitist and snobby Sarasota. Scottish staff is super friendly, and they quickly became friends of the family. One of the few things I miss about Sarasota. (and, yes, I try to keep my posts nice, but I have absolutely zero qualms about painting Sarasota and Florida for what it really is–especially since I was born and raised there, and have witnessed firsthand the crazy shenanigans that happen there.)

Bangkok Restaurant–The restaurant is just gorgeous. The owners told us one time that they brought over all the restaurant furnishings from overseas when they came. It has been a favourite of mine since the early 90s. Back when I could actually afford to eat/live in Sarasota (and, even then, only survived by working three full-time jobs), my friends and I used to eat there every week. And, yet, they still managed to mess up the dish I ordered every single time. *laugh* But it was so good, it was worth the wait. And the atmosphere, with incredibly carved dark wood tables…well, you just have to see it.


In Santa Fe and Espanola, New Mexico:

I’m not sure if  I’ve decided on a favourite, yet, this time around. Among contenders are The Teahouse, The New York Deli, the Tecolote Cafe, and the Five Star Burgers, and La Cocina.