Tuesday Interlude


I love this ethereal video made by Sarah Wickliffe (http://www.wickpix.com/)…with a poetic appearance by Neruda. Followed it up with a Cure chaser. Because, you know, the Cure.


Until we meet in other worlds, traveller.




Alchemy of Chess…


Alec Hardison: Maybe if you let me use the Vulcan rules like I’m accustomed to… “The Queen’s Gambit Job” Leverage (TV show)

“A Few Hours After This” –The Cure

A little while ago, I wrote an article for Renaissance Magazine on Human Chess Matches. (It’s a great magazine, btw! 🙂  )

Chess has been on my mind lately, metaphorically, in relation to certain things going on in my little chaotic world.

As a result, I decided to include some links for human chess match events around the world for my Travel Tuesday blog!

(What’s a human chess match?)

In Marostica, Italy–September 2016: http://www.wheremilan.com/events/human-chess-game-marostica-september-2016/

It might be part of the Hue Festival in Hue City, Vietnam (I tried to find the event for the next festival, but no luck. Still looks awesome, anyway!): https://www.flickr.com/photos/laresidencehue/26329563512

The Metrocon Anime Convention does a chess match every year–it’s awesome!: http://www.metroconventions.com/control.cfm?ID=4041

Six Elements Theatre’s Human Chess Match: http://www.sixelementscompany.org/news/

That’s it for now…the outside world is beckoning…


Food for…Football!

From Trainspotting:

Gail, Lizzie: What are you two talking about?
Spud, Tommy: Football! What are you talking about?
Gail, Lizzie: Shopping!


It’s been a very strange, dreamy week in the Chaos Realm. A fellow blogger is going to see The Cure in concert, and it’s been bringing up a lot of memories (bloody nostalgia LOL) from my experiences when I saw The Cure (hope your experience is just as magical and wonderful, This Nerd’s Life).

Maybe I’ve just been exploring too many alternate dimensions while I sleep…having very intense dreams. Or something else is afoot.

So, another shortcut blog after I skipped a few.

I’ve been watching (European) football while I (pretend to) write. It’s been exciting so far! Can’t wait until it resumes on Saturday.

I stumbled across this article on the UEFA website while trying to come up with an idea for this week’s food blog.

“What do Europe’s football fans eat?”


“Football Food around the World”

If gourmet eats are your thing:




Goodbye for now. Off to wander amazing realms.

Music for dream voyages  (courtesy of The Cure and Legendary Pink Dots):

On Another Shore


To Wish Impossible Things

A Thousand Hours

A Few Hours after This

Dredd Song

Cut Here