How to Die the Eco-Friendly Way!



“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”–Albus Dumbledore

If I die, I’m not sure how I would want to be disposed of–definitely with an eye on the environment, though. I went with the modern-day interpretation of Egyptian burials for my beloved animal companions, but I’d like to be buried at sea (I’m reminded of a quote from my favourite piece of literature when I was a kid–Medea–but I couldn’t locate it on the internet. Something she said about her bones being made clean and white by the ocean. Who knows what I’m actually remembering, as it’s going back to when I was eleven or so.)


Anyway, here’s the usual linkys about the most green, eco-friendly ways you can be buried. According to the internet, at least.


Interesting article about the whole natural burial process.

Another Info Site:

How to be Eco-Friendly when You’re Dead–The Atlantic

The Urban Death Project

Green Burials from Everplan

Proposed Burial Concept

Until then, the Bios Urn

More about Green Burials from How Stuff Works.


What about you? Would you choose this as an option? (While you’re deciding, make sure you have things like living wills and advance medical directives and things like that. These will protect your rights if you become mentally/physically incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself.)


Eco-Friendly Football?

With the UEFA EURO 2016 well underway, I always think of the environmental impact of said events.

So I did some looking into it on the internet (AP Stylebook now says lowercase for internet, I believe. Just because I’m an editing nerd. LOL).

Here’s the official report/study: (An additional, yet brief, article:

Blog post from the British Gas webpage:

Short page of specs re: the Stade de Nice:

Whee! An eco-calculator:

UEFA Euro 2016 has an eye on hotels and  sustainability:

Another article from Business Green:

Okay, Switzerland vs. Poland match almost over…onto Wales v. Northern Ireland. Off to watch and write!

Share up other sources/links below about eco-friendly initiatives of UEFA EURO 2016!

Ocean Song: Sounds of the Sea

Running behind today (I spent the morning helping a neighbour rescue an injured possum), so I’m going to “borrow” this for my Science Saturday blog…just because it’s so FRICKIN’ awesome!

Ocean Song: Sounds of the Sea.