The Invitation

The Invitation


are keeper of bees

and rainbow dimensions

and just as playful upon my heart.

Yet, I fear

I have kept a secret,

dear spirit of Spring.

I am chaos

and destruction

and can only keep lost souls

and nightmares


my indigo-charred skin.

My love, I have given you false promise.

I lack the divine power

to keep you safe in my world

or hold myself in yours;

we are trapped in a circadian spell.

Still, hope springs eternal, even in hell,

and my faithful winter wolf watches

the gateway between worlds

for you.

William Morris…



“…everything made by man’s hands has a form, which must be either beautiful or ugly; beautiful if it is in accord with Nature, and helps her; ugly if it is discordant with Nature, and thwarts her; it cannot be indifferent…” ― William Morris


I’ve been sorting through my things in continuation of my downsizing attempts. I’ve been getting nostalgic and a bit maudlin over the process. And trying not to miss things like my record collection and bits and bobs of stuffy stuff that I would have never used up in ten lifetimes.

I was going to do a TBT blog on old-fashioned courtship (next Thursday, if I remember), and I unearthed this in a box of books.


So, William Morris it is. (I would swear I had written about him before, but couldn’t find a previous blog about him in the Chaos Realm.)

News from Nowhere is part of my permanent collection of books, so it will escape the downsizing frenzy. I loved when he started talking about his version of the New World Order. I re-read it during the Bush Administration years, and William Morris’s foresight was pretty chilling.

Part of my “maybe-someday” (although completely impractical for my lifestyle) restored vintage home will have William Morris wallpaper. I think I may have fallen in love with him on my trip overseas, but I can’t quite remember how I discovered him.

Anyway, here’s some fun links about William Morris and his designs.

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Go find some loveliness out-of-doors!