Sunday, Ordinary Sunday…

Sunday is my least favourite day. It just seems worse than Mondays, because Mondays, at least, are a fresh start. A do-over. Poor Sunday. It just seems to epitomize that droning-meeting-white-noise bored feeling.

But the real issue is that I’m sick. Allergy sick. I got allergy tested (Thank you, Medicaid), and discovered that not only am I allergic to the grasses that make up those dumb turf lawns that are so popular back in my home state, but also a fair bit of trees, certain  kinds of mold, hay, dust, and feathers, of all things. Guess I won’t be going out and hugging any more trees anytime soon. *laugh*

So, when I was cleaning out the art supply closet at work, I got sick. Like almost instantly sick. Within in a few hours, I started to get a sore throat. It wasn’t until a few days later that I found out there was mold growing on some stuff in the closet. By then I was really sick. Lost my voice and everything, but at least it supported the results of the allergy test. But, do you know how BLOODY hard it is to supervise a whole passel of overly excited little munchkins when you can’t even talk? Luckily, the kids are some of the most amazingly sweet kids I’ve ever met, so I was spared a Lord of the Flies reenactment. *laugh*

This morning, I even dreamed I was cleaning out and organizing an artist’s studio. Which would have been really annoying in that I was dreaming about something I’d been doing all week. Except that the studio was an open air one, surrounded by a low stone wall, and real green grass growing everywhere. And it was warm,  but not too hot, the sky was a soft blue with clouds, and there was that wonderful kind of breeze that comes off the ocean–playful and mysterious and reminding you that nature is a conscious, vibrant entity.

And then I got a sense of my muse being present. Not really in person, just a feeling they were watching me (from afar) enjoy the wind blowing all my bad feelings away and tangling my hair. It was too poignant, and too simple to even exploit for a poem, but I just wanted to acknowledge them in some way, in case they are out there reading this blog from an alternate dimension. Even though I know perfectly well they are just my creative mind speaking to me, I haven’t been able to make that connection to the part of my brain/soul that’s epitomized by said muse. But, still, I’ve been missing you, my Muse/figment of my imagination.

And now I have to go clean my own house on this prosaic, ordinary Sunday. While dreaming of an ideal day that was shared over at a blog called “Scotland with the Wee White Dug”. Rain, a quirky museum, and scotch? Honestly, what could be more fabulous?

Save-the-Planet Cleaning

So, it’s time for my weekly cleaning. Not really a big fan of cleaning, and am about ready to eschew the domestic thing altogether for a cave in the woods. Or a small trailer. (Road trip!!!! Who wants to come?)

So, yes, I do try to use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and methods, even though it feels so ineffective–like I’m just sitting back and watching us humans destroy the world. (Barely any rain during NM’s monsoon season–but there’s no such thing as climate change, of course. :-p)

Though, the skeptic in me is a little distrustful of the whole “greenwashing” movement of supposed eco-friendly cleaners out there. And some have been bought out by the same makers of toxic cleaning projects.

So, I am transitioning into using white vinegar for cleaning everything from floors to surfaces. You can put fresh herbs into a big bottle of vinegar to give it an extra smell. Or a hippie/new-age cleansing of your livespace.

Other stuff I use for now:

Ecover Floor Soap

Ecover Pink Geranium Dish Soap (no mocking allowed *laugh*)

Ecos Lemongrass Laundry Soap

Okay, off to green clean!