Dark poetry for today: Covered in darkness




Covered in darkness


Hollow eyes, a distant stare

Consumed by sadness and grief

Overflowing with despair

Death would be a relieve


Cold heart, a fake smile

Broken by failure and unable to cope

Drowning for quite a while

Deprived of all hope


Feelings numb, a bitter mind

Tortured by frozen memories

Long lost desire to be kind

Living and breathing, such futilities


Vanished strength, no more fighting

Captured in a never-ending horror story

Exposed wounds keep on bleeding

There is no one who can save me


Naked spirit, stripped of all

Never knew any happiness

Lost wings, sure to fall

I’m just a soul, bounded by shadows

and covered in darkness

Just Patty

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Soundscape of Alone

Tap dripping

Ears ringing

White noise

Is that buzzing?

Pin drop sliced by

Endless dog barking

That damn leafblower x10

Quiet as a mouse

I turn, since there’s

No wind

No rain

No singing insects,

or even scrabbling ones

Just too-bright sun

Illuminating only those

who matter

Those who aren’t alone.

–A Chaos Fairy

(P.S. There’s always something so eerie and freaky about Sundays. Even in urban places, there’s this creepy lassitude that I pick up on. Maybe it’s just me, but Sunday days are more scary than creepy moonlit midnight hours. If I were doing a horror book, I’d set the main event(s) on a Sunday, at noon.)