The Synchronicity: Fire

Willow Croft

Wrote a poem about an hour or so ago to submit to a contest, titled Bonfire. It was the day of bonfires earlier this week, which probably inspired it.

But, I’m a water person, usually. Water, coolness, rain, overcast skies. Yet, a fire elemental has been making its presence known. Hence the other part of the inspiration. In dreams. In random thoughts. In my poetry. In waking life. Then I signed back online to enter the poem. And encountered more fire synchronicity to wrap up the week. I feel a little haunted and eerie, even though I largely accept Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s practical/scientific view(s) on such mental/emotional phenomenon.

So I used the poem I wrote  for the contest to siphon off some of the feelings towards the fire element I’ve been having lately. A short story for another contest is going to hold some more. And the leftover I…

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The Voyage Begins…

Willow Croft

“Quantum Singularity is a voyage through time and space. This poetic journey crosses oceans, traverses other realms, gets lost in the past, and disappears into the future. Choose the right path; the path that leads to the corner of Cosmos and Infinity, and the way will never be lost.”

You are welcome to join me on my voyage through time and space.

Purchase your ticket here:

I’ll be planning some visits to the Goodreads realm, as soon as my author page is up.

Hope you enjoy the magic!

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Things you shouldn’t say to INTJs

Relating to this post from Stefania:

The science of Stefania

First of all, 

The INTJ is the patient visionary with a clear view of how the future should look and will work with quiet and logical determination to make it happen. INTJs love  intellectual challenges and will be stimulated by  the abstract and the complex. The INTJs love the complex, the new and untested. Facts and figures bore them, and they will be looking to see the ‘bigger picture,’ planning for the future that they create. INTJs make decisions based on rational logic, rather than emotion and they will be quite measured in their approach to other people. They generally have strong opinions, are independent of thoughts and action and have no need to verbalise them. That’s why the members of a group feel neglected or like outsiders. This can also make the INTJs seem impenetrable to others who can totally misunderstand them. They often leave a void and people often fill…

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Stop moving here to ‘get away from it all’

Yep. I heartily concur. Reblogged from “Who Loves Kitty” blog.

Who Loves Kitty


I was reading this fabulous post (and this one, too) by another talented blogger, and it reminded me of the fact that I’ve been harboring similar thoughts.

Over the years, I’ve lived in places where I’ve heard people say that they “moved here to get away from it all”.

I have one word for the people who say this: ugh.

I have another: argh.

And a third one: STOP.

You know the type–these are the annoying suburbia-minded people who move to the outskirts of a metro area, or even further out, into a more rural setting, with the intention of “getting away from it all”.

There are two problems with this type of people:

  • They aren’t cut out for outskirts/rural life. They bring their city/suburban mentality with them, and
  • They tend not to come alone; they usually swarm in in droves, descending upon a quiet little place that was…

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Tea Tins!

A while ago, a fellow author told me about this site where you can make custom tea blends and that they were a great idea to help promote your book. (See her blog post here:

I, too, thought it was a great idea, so I filed her suggestion in my mental database. Several years later, I finally got around to creating my own tea blend from Adagio Teas.

First, I needed some art for the tea tins I was going to use as promotion giveaways at book signings and the like. I was at loose ends on how to make/get a design for said tea tin. Honestly, the process was overwhelming–scrolling through DeviantArt left me with a huge wish list for all the art I want to buy when I attain my maybe-someday rich-and-famous status, but no tea tin art. I got equally as lost in trying to navigate a web search for stock photography and/or designers to use to create the art. I got my cover art from CreateSpace but I tried and tried to figure out how to get the pixels reduced to the right size for the tea tin, and finally gave up. For about five minutes, I experimented with trying to make a tea tin art piece myself using some of my own (very nice) photos. “Epic Fail” as pop culture/kids says. They did not look good.

After many, many episodes of swearing, I was just about to give up on the whole thing, when the heavens opened and an angel appeared.


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but, seriously, after the extra special dose of chaos and a very crap week, it sure felt like a miracle.

I got followed by the blogger, Bri Bruce Productions (I always follow people back when they follow me, and go take a look at their blog). So, I can’t remember all the details, but either I found this post when I looked at their blog, or got sent it when I signed up for their mailing list. In any case, it was perfectly serendipitous. Gloriously right-place-right-time, and anything that makes my hellishly chaotic existence just a tiny bit easier is definitely cause for celebrations.

This was the blog post that I was sent/that I viewed:

“Hmm,” I said to myself, because when you work from home, you talk to yourself a lot. “That looks like a possibility.” Then I discovered they do custom design pieces. I decided to talk to them, rather than myself, and I emailed them. I got an email back really fast, saying yes, they could do that with the specs. For a great rate, too!

The tea tin art was fantastic! See the tea tin art (and my custom tea blend), here!

Unfortunately, I wish that my experience with Adagio Teas had gone as well. I accidentally uploaded a photo for the band (on a larger tea box, it’s the photo that goes all the way around the box). I tried and tried, but could not delete the photo. So I emailed them (there’s no other way to contact them). After a lot of miscommunication, and back-and-forth emails, they said they fixed it–by deleting the tea blend, not the photo. Which was even more frustrating because I had ordered the blend already. So, I now had play the same game all over again about the order I had previously placed. My financial institution cautioned me that it probably wasn’t a good idea to purchase products (in the future) from a company that did not have a contact phone number listed on the website. It’s unfortunate, because I still think it’s a really great idea for promotional materials, and I can’t find a similar replacement online–yet.

However, I would definitely use Bri Bruce Productions again, for my design needs. They also do other design projects, like book covers, and book interior design. (I hope I quoted this information correctly–again, it’s been a muddled week.) A big thank you, again, to Bri Bruce Productions for making my life easier (and for being brave enough to work with the Chaos Fairy)!

Check them out here:



Packin’ Up


Packin’ Up

What do I bring

on this once-in-a-lifetime voyage?

Do I take the pieces of my broken mind

or my too-sensitive heart

that people love to rip apart

or my inside soul that

hasn’t stood the test of time.

Nobody else wants this stuff,

so why should I?

I’ll just reinvent myself

from scratch

good at math




excel at science, or better yet,

be good at something that pays bills.

Stuff that makes me worthwhile, in the eyes

of society, or maybe for just one person

out there somewhere, in another life.

My suitcase is almost full, but still

I sneak in foolish things

like my imprisoned childhood creativity,

a beloved stuffed animal, or even ten, and

last but not least, my love for sentient

animals and plants,

just in case I have the chance

to be both me, and

someone new and improved.


The Weight of the Pier


The Weight of the Pier

What is a pier?

A concrete challenge for the waves;

a cold path I follow to the maelstrom.

I dance in salt and grey

until night paints the ocean

with a mirror sheen.

It’s the stars’ turn

and I remember to wish

on their falling bodies,

hoping they light the way

for my ship to come in,

to a magic bridge,

or for you, dream-wanderer,

to take me from this waiting pier

before I drown.