The Weight of the Pier


The Weight of the Pier

What is a pier?

A concrete challenge for the waves;

a cold path I follow to the maelstrom.

I dance in salt and grey

until night paints the ocean

with a mirror sheen.

It’s the stars’ turn

and I remember to wish

on their falling bodies,

hoping they light the way

for my ship to come in,

to a magic bridge,

or for you, dream-wanderer,

to take me from this waiting pier

before I drown.


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

14 thoughts on “The Weight of the Pier”

      1. Must be even worse with the wordplay weight/wait. Lol. So, it depends on whether it’s an old or a new pier. If it’s new, I would imagine they would have the pounds of stone/concrete, and wood (possibly) used to make the pier. Then you would have to calculate the rate of erosion, the location of the pier (tides, type of waves, etc.) based on the year, and then the substrate (correct word choice?) material used and its rate of erosion, correct? If it’s an old pier, you may have to go digging in historical archives for whatever information they would have on that particular pier. But, I’m sure in this day and age there’s some sort of fancy scanning equipment that will tell you the weight of the wave/time eroded pier. But who knows, I’m an English/History degree holder, so I’m just speculating, myself, which might drive your literal self even more crazy LOL. Thanks for visiting my non-literal, non-linear world!

      1. Sorry. AOC is having transitioning and following limitation issues. But, Miss Back In The Day USA, although private, is the connected Twitter to follow. I appreciate your poetry very much!

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