Piglet, aka Pig Cat

Piglet Chilling in the Portal

As some of you know, I recently lost my tabby cat, Cricket. She was the last of a whole passel of critters I adopted back in about 2001. Except for my cat Sid…he was with me even longer than that.

Around the time Cricket had died, another tabby cat showed up on my porch. At first, I thought he was part of the TNR cat group I’d been seeing around. He was clearly not feral, and soon became a regular visitor. A very noisy, talkative visitor, who settled into my porch area from time to time, sleeping on my chair, and tolerating my petting him and playing with him. After he warmed up to me, I noticed that he was (unfortunately) un-neutered.

Santa Fe Animal Control said they didn’t really come out on cat calls, so I was at a loss at what to do for Piglet. Especially since I was already head-over-heels for the little guy. It was hard for me not to feel that it was fate–given that he was a tabby, and he’d shown up just when I’d lost Cricket (one year after I lost my other senior kitty, Lettuce). I wanted to take him in, instantly, but I knew I didn’t have the funds to take care of another animal. I knew how much pets cost, having just cared for 13 animals all the way through their end-of-life care. But I didn’t want him running around, unneutered and making more babies. Nobody seemed to know whose cat he was, either.

Finally, I reached out a local cat organization, Felines & Friends, who oversees a pool of fosters for cats. I felt so guilty and selfish when I told them I couldn’t foster sweet Piglet, because I didn’t have the money, and also if I did foster him, given my current emotional state and still grieving and vulnerable, I knew wouldn’t be able to let him go when and if someone wanted to adoptΒ him. In spite of that, Felines & Friends still offered to take the little guy and get him neutered and move him into their adoption pool.

He was easy to catch and transport to Felines & Friends main center. Β But I cried the whole way there, and then cried in the car, sitting next to him in the trap. He’d only been coming around a couple of weeks, but I had already gotten so attached. I wanted more than anything to be his forever home. But the responsible long-time animal rescue volunteer/shelter side of me knew I couldn’t manage it, and it would be so irresponsible to take him in, when I couldn’t afford to provide him with the care he would need throughout his life–at least until I would be able to get out of student loan debt and off food stamps, etc.

And now, I owed a whole other kind of debt to the amazing Felines & Friends for not only helping out the wonderful Piglet with a second chance, giving him safety and security, and a chance at a forever home, but also helping me out, with my big heart but empty wallet. Someone who just wanted the best life for sweet Piglet.

So, this blog is a big thank you to Felines & Friends for all their support and caring. Please, if you’re local to New Mexico, you can find Piglet and lots of other amazing cats available for adoption at their Petfinder web page:Β https://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelter_id=NM38. They also need fosters, so if you have the room, please consider joining their foster program. In addition to adult cats needing a foster home, it’s kitten season, so short-term fosters are also needed for a plethora of kittens and even mom cats nursing kittens. They can provide some supplies and other items needed to foster the cats, but donations of cash and cat supplies are always welcome!

Remember, ADOPT DON’T SHOP! And have your pet spayed or neutered to reduce pet overpopulation in shelters.


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

70 thoughts on “Piglet, aka Pig Cat”

    1. Great idea, but it’s not the adoption cost so much, just the long-term care…vet bills, food, etc. Having had six cats, I pretty much know how much expenses run for cat care. And, my pets live a long life…whether they’re cats, or (rescued/adopted) hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. LOL If I get some extra cash, I might sponsor a cat down the road, or an ad (one-time cost).

  1. I know – it is expensive. I meant to cover upkeep costs but I know it’s a lot to ask from people. Perhaps you can persuade a neighbor? That way you can see Piglet too.
    Or just wait for that windfall and then do it πŸ™‚ You have a poetry book on the way?

  2. You’ve done the right thing. I know how much long-term care can cost, and you’ve been sensible about your current situation. I also know I would have felt exactly the same as you! But I’m sure Piglet will find a lovely forever home.

  3. Don’t feel bad about your decision to give Piglet to that organization as you actually did a very selfless thing. You decided it was best for the cat’s quality of life to go to a different home one day.. You are grieving, and that takes time.. I think you are very strong to have done that as it would have been easier to keep Piglet from a short-term perspective. Plus, it sounds like Felines & Friends is a very caring place, so you can rest assured that this precious kitty is in good hands β™₯

      1. That’s my phrase, too ~ sucker for critters! No 4-legged or winged companions at present, due to living circumstances; but hopefully that will change soon πŸ™‚

  4. I was going to say you can’t save them all but in fact you have saved him. You might not be able to provide the care yourself but you made sure he got somewhere that can. I think that’s more than most strays get.

  5. I love this post! You are a magnificent hero! We too also offer a free bed and breakfast for any and all homeless Critters. In our community we have an animal clinic which serves large and small animals and provides free & LOW cost services, like spay and neutering plus other services, to anyone providing care to homeless pets. All City council’s and town councils need to be made aware of the huge amount of tax money collected from pet food, pet supplies and all other pet related sales. Rather than allowing does tax money to be dumped into the general fund, much of it should be directed toward free pet licensing, care and placing of homeless pets, bigger and better pet shelters that are fully staffed by competent professionals and ending animal euthanasia. It is also important that our communities recognize the wonderful benefits that pets bring to all our lives and the huge amount of tax money they generate.

    1. Yay, animal lover friend! (Do you need any more staff at that critter B&B? LOL–*joke*)Thanks for posting this comment…nice to get a little backstory on a blog that I’ve loved for…geez, over two years now? Longer? And that’s a really interesting idea re: tax money and animal shelters. A worthy cause to organize. Now you’ve got me thinking on other ways to take action–we just had a measure go in front of the voters here re: an increase in soda tax and use the money for schools. So, it could be a feasible measure to launch here, locally. I am so glad you shared your comment. I did animal rescue work for years in Florida…wildfile rescue, shelter volunteer work, and was part of an animal advocacy group. I often worked hand-in-hand with animal services (run by the sheriff’s office) and even went undercover once to investigate an underground animal auction that I was able to get an invite to. I also helped write an affidavit for a court case, after a friend and I gained access to a hoarder’s “shelter”, which led to the formation of this facility. If you ever pass through Sarasota, Florida, you should hit them up for a tour–it’s amazing! http://www.catdepot.org/. Thanks for helping raise awareness with your wonderful comments!

      1. Excellent! Pets, pet related products and services are a big part of our economy… the sales tax revenues alone should more than cover single-payer healthcare for pets! LOL! I can imagine Paul Ryan’s head exploding over that one! πŸ‘πŸ‘

      2. That would be worth it, in itself! πŸ™‚ Round them all up and force them to watch, Clockwork-Orange style. (and I’ll add Rubio and Rick Scott, just because I’m originally from Florida and they were some of our favourite conservative scapegoats!).

      3. Here in Alabama we have a lot of that crap as well. Southern Culture is extremely complicated and doesn’t make any sense at all. We all have stories of horrible Injustice against us that people somehow rationalize and accept. Shelby Foote said it’s because we’re still fighting the Civil War… but that doesn’t explain the southern support for a grifting Yankee carpetbagger like Trump.

      4. I probably should wait to respond until I’m more awake/clear=headed, but, yes, it is paradoxical (under that polite Southern veneer how-dare-you-refuse-my-offer-of-a-cold-drink and all that). It is strange re: the dedication to the South/Civil War and all that…I’m tenth and eleventh generation–related to one of the first families in Virginia, and eligible for DAR. Talk about paradoxical family history… *wry laugh* I think the thing about Florida and all the Trump voters is that we get a different kind of conservative-Christian, intolerant influx from the Midwest states on top of the pre-existing “typical” racist/sexist good ole boy attitudes (i.e. I hate my neighbour, but don’t you dare mess with them because, you know, Second Amendment and all that). I say that perhaps too glibly, because I had to drop out of this LARPer group in Florida, run by a lot of born-and-raised Floridians, because they would make absolutely astounding racist comments, and that was in 2015.

      5. Perfectly said! You’re right, it’s different all over the country. I’ve lived in the Southwest, where people just want to be left alone… really alone. 50 miles of Elbow Room and all that jazz. I’ve lived in the Midwest where people are just very angry about everything and their Mantra is “They all do it and they’re all liars!” Here in Alabama I hear people say “I’ll pray for y’all!” I think all of this boils down to people not wanting to do anything which makes them highly vulnerable to grifters. 😨

      6. Yeah, I even know people who just wouldn’t vote, no matter what. And don’t get me started on the voting process in Florida. LOL. And re: Southwest, I gotta be careful because I still have Southerner “nosy neighbour” syndrome…you know, where everybody is all up in everyone else’s sh*t. Hee hee! (<–lives in New Mexico, now, and both homesick for the South and very glad not to be there, during Trump's reign. πŸ™‚ )

      7. I know exactly what you mean. I have never been good at gossip or being nosey because it’s too passive and so it makes my mind wander… and then I start making things up just to stay awake. LOL

      8. Here there are four towns which all run together: Florence (birthplace of WC Handy) is the largest and separated from the other three by the Tennessee River. Florence has a bustling restored downtown area that spectacularly overlooks the river. The modern suburbs have lots of shopping etc. On the other side of the river we have Muscle Shoals which is an influential Music Hub (Fame & Muscle Shoals Sound Recording Studios & more) and then we have Tuscumbia which is the birthplace & childhood home of Helen Keller. It is very historic and beautiful. The downtown area has been completely restored thanks to a local benefactor/tycoon named Harvey Robbins. Finally Sheffield which is also very old and historic. Sam Phillips (Sun Records, Memphis) was from our area and brought Elvis Presley here many many times to perform and practice his magic in the 1950s. music is a huge part of the Shoals, which is the collective name for all 4 towns. Me and the guys are hoping to do some posts about our town when we’re done with our walk down memory lane with the best summer ever! we’ve located some great videos and photos! πŸ‘πŸ‘

      9. Nice! Kinda trying to figure out where to go next, so thanks for all the input. I actually liked Chattanooga, TN when I was there for a theatre conference, but I subscribed to a local paper (no offense if you’re Christian, but even my family was like, What?!?!) and the actual new articles themselves (not columns/opinions) would open with bible quotes or what seemed like a brief sermon. *sigh* I like New Orleans, and I liked Savannah. One place I haven’t been is Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Supposed to be a liberal/hippy sanctuary within that state.

      10. I’m a secular humanist but I do attend church regularly. Of course I’m surrounded by charismatic Christians and right-wing Fundamentalist Christians whose beliefs are so flexible that I’m pretty sure the only thing they truly believe in is hypocrisy and praying for money. I’ve attended every denomination’s services, including snake handlers and holy rollers. Nazarene services are the ultimate Hellfire and brimstone and if you’re lucky you will literally “Witness” public shaming as the pastor calls out members of the congregation by name. it’s very interesting and provides a unique insight into people. we still have old time tent revivals and reunions with lots of singing and dinner on the ground… my regular “haunt” is the “little Presbyterian Church on the corner” where everyone kindly tolerates me, as is the Presbyterian custom.πŸ‘πŸ‘

      11. Nice, yeah, my family is just regular Christian. They hold the (outrageous?) belief the Jesus loves everybody. Sounds interesting to visit the snake handlers (wasn’t something like that on the X-Files) and the holy rollers. I know the tent revivals made an appearance on the X-Files for sure. Never been to one of those either. Adventures to add to the list.

      12. a good time to visit is during the WC Handy Festival are the Helen Keller Festival. Both of these are international events drawing thousands of people. Tuscumbia also has the Alabama Music Hall of Fame which is loaded with Alabama musical celebrities past and present from Hank Williams Sr, Percy Sledge up to the Civil Wars. Oh! I almost forgot! The world famous Coon Dog Cemetery! My work keeps me on the road but I have yet to find another place quite like this! LOL

      13. Oh my goodness, I would love to take a trip there and see that cemetery! Working on getting to be a travel writer and just get a van and tool around the country…it’s still weird that I haven’t really been to Alabama aside from driving through it, given I’ve been to most of the southern states. Most of the places in the U.S., actually.

      14. The coon dog cemetery is spectacular especially considering the Deep affection Hunters have for their dogs. I learned about coon dogs and rattlesnake roundups from my Uncle Willie who was an expert… and one of the world’s greatest storytellers and “provocateurs.” LOL

      15. Oh yeah, I remember when I got back from Europe and my friend picked me up from the airport. I was like “What’s that horrible smell?!?!”. This was when they were spraying malathion aerially, for the citrus. Yuk.

      16. Another scary thing is all of the experimentation that has been done for decades trying to kill Kudzu… 😨 … and now the epidemic break out of Legionnaires disease associated with polluted and filthy water yikes!

      17. Yeah, that Kudzu thing was a really great idea. :-p And then you add in Roundup on top of that. A while ago, I “heard tell” that they were using goats to eat all the Kudzu…whatever happened to that plan?

      18. I cringed when I heard about the Roundup cancer link. As you know vegetation, in the South including Kudzu and weeds, grows alarmingly fast. People buy loads of Roundup Concentrate around here. 😨 the only thing I can think of that spreads faster than Kudzu is bamboo…

      19. Oh, yeah, we had a batch that was probably…50 years old…from around the same time/same batch planted at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. It started dying off, though, around the time the folks sold their house. Heartbreaking–well, for me, anyway.

      20. In Alabama laws have been passed to prevent the sale of invasive water plants from decorative fish ponds and other invasive plants like bamboo. They clog up the waterways just like a waterborne Kudzu. Floating water Iris’ can double overnight. Yikes! 😨 just like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

      21. When I first heard of the aquatic plants ban I was shopping for water plants for my fish pond. Some of the banned plants are pond Essentials so there is a healthy Black Market! LOL! It is funny to see decorative plants being sold under the counter to do it yourself landscapers! 😁🌿🐸

    2. Though, one time I was driving on a busy connecting street in Florida, bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, and I saw this large snapping turtle trying to cross the road. So I put my hazards on, jumped out, and grabbed the turtle and put him back on the grass facing the other way (now I’ve learned that you should help him cross the street). I went back to my car and the doors were locked (I had a vehicle where the doors lock themselves automatically if the car is running). Then the police officer showed up. The look on his face was priceless. After he unlocked my car for me, he said “Welp, you better take the turtle with you.” “Yes, sir,” I said. So there I was, driving in rush-hour traffic with a huge snapping turtle scaling the console while hissing and trying to take a bite of you. I never realised how long their necks could extend. I’d have to push him back with one of my music tapes until I was able to get out of traffic and put the milk crate I had in the back seat over him. Then I drove him to a local park with a lake and released him. Happy ending, I hoped, for my new turtle friend.

      1. Great story! Once, during lovebug season (VERY MESSY), I was on the highway that runs right down the middle of Florida (72 ?) When the car in front of us stopped to pick up a turtle off the highway… the guy started laughing and yelled, “Turtle Soup!” 🐒🍜

      2. I had a bowl of “Terrapin” soup in Baton Rouge which made me throw up for some reason… this place was also famous for its crawfish gumbo and frog legs. I definitely prefer the chicory coffee and beignets Louisiana is famous for! I will say that one of the best things about the southeast is you can eat your way from the Gulf Coast to Savannah Georgia and never get bored! One of my favorite places to eat is Panama City, Florida (NOT Panama City Beach) because of the terrific Asian restaurants! PCF is also very beautiful and retro in that Spanish moss kind of way! there is a highway, I have forgotten the number, that hugs the Gulf Coast from Biloxi, Mississippi all the way down to Miami that is a terrific way to spend a vacation! once you get to Miami you can head down the Florida Keys! it will make you feel as if you have been around the world! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒ΄β˜‰

      3. I haven’t been to Panama City since I was a kid, probably…so I’m way overdue for a visit. And, even though I was from Florida (born 1972), I have never been to Key West. Crazy, right?

        Yep, love Chicory coffee…and re: terrapin soup…guess it’s good I was vegetarian way before I visited New Orleans for the first time!

        Where’s your fav place to visit in the U.S.?

        And I love Savannah!

        Now I really want to go on a road trip…it’s been a while since my last one!

      4. the Cafe Du Monde = chicory coffee and beignets. The Keys are amazing! it seems like the further down the line you go the more Trump-types you run into but, thankfully, they are easily avoidable. a lot of really great B & B’s everywhere. πŸ‘πŸŒ΄β˜‰πŸ‘

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