Childhood Board Games

So, I’m thinking with the advent of the (busy) school year, I might change the format and only post up twice a week on the blog. Wednesday and Sunday–but we’ll see if that’s even manageable.

  • Until then, here’s my #TBT blog.

I was in a thrift store and saw a board game I used to play when I was a kid, and it got me all nostalgic and shit. I had a friend in Florida who loved to play board games and I’d meet up with him at the local comic book store and play–a little sanctuary amidst the confusing chaos of my life at the time. One of the Twitter peeps I follow posts up from time to time about board games and it made me miss playing Ticket to Ride and other games.

I’m still having my first cup of tea, so maybe it’s better I just move onto the list. *yawn*

  • Stop Thief As I remember, you try to stop a thief from breaking into places around the city–the jewelry store, the bank, etc. It came with this handheld device with sound effects and clues to help you nab the sneaky burglar. I can remember it being a little frustrating at times, but I still liked being the game’s version of law enforcement. I also saw it on Ebay.
  • Clue I guess there’s a trend to the games I liked. LOL. (Shoulda been a detective!) In any case, I loved this game, but for some reason, nobody else did, and I had a hard time convincing friends and family to play it with me.
  • Same with Monopoly, but here with good reason. Because I was cutthroat, even at a young age, and refused to give up until I drained everybody of their money and property. But I usually always won. *laugh*
  • Cloak & Dagger


What about you?



Author: Willow Croft

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9 thoughts on “Childhood Board Games”

  1. Yes there really is a trend to what you liked to play! I’ve never even heard of the thief one. My grandmother had a VHS copy of Clue (the game) – you watched short clips for the clues before advancing on the board.

    1. Comic book stores often have a board game night and ppl bring their games and people gather to play. they are usually pretty nice and inclusive there about newcomers, even if you don’t bring a game yourself to play.

  2. I’ve never heard of shop thief before and I’ve only played Cluedo, it was like the card game of the board I think. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t really afford boardgames cause an original monopoly goes up to a 100 bucks for us back then, and they didn’t think it’s worth the money. So I’ve only played monopoly with other people who have it. That’s about it tho 😦

  3. I don’t really know these board games, but I know I loved Monopoly (unless I was playing with my brother and he managed to get all the expensive streets- dirtbag), Headache, and this game called MouseTrap. Do they still have that? I don’t know if its still around, or how old everyone is on here.

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