Engrenages TV show…


Well, it’s not really a Throwback Thursday post–however, it seems we are now in a time where anything over five years old is considered, well, old. Outre. Retro. In need of a movie remake because it’s so dated.

So, in the post-Olympic depressive state, I resumed watching Engrenages, or Spiral, on Netflix. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0477507/) I guess a Season Six is in the works. Yay for us!

I love it for so many reasons.

  • It’s French.
  • The actors look like real, live humans, not plastic (male/female/other) dolls.
  • The actors also act like real humans, not rote mouthpieces spouting predictable lines.
  • The graphic visuals are pretty intense, and I love the lighting used.
  • Somehow, it makes me want to be French/live in France, even though Paris is not depicted as a cozy, lovely, romantic environment.

Can’t wait for the next season–coming in 2017!



Author: Willow Croft

Poet, Writer, Dreamer. (Jupiter Profile Photo is from NASA https://images.nasa.gov/details-PIA10224.html)

5 thoughts on “Engrenages TV show…”

    1. It’s about a female police captain, and it starts out with she and her team trying to solve murders done by a serial killer. Also, how they have to deal with politics and the French justice system in trying to solve their crimes. It’s kinda like the Shield/American cop drama, but French-style. Pretty neat.

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