Free Tarot Readings…

…to the first eleven responders! (In the comments).Because, you know, 11:11 (Make a wish U.S. MSTimers!) And something fun and entertaining to kick off your week with!

Okay, I couldn’t think of anything to do today. Just really out of it and preoccupied with…things.

I’ve got three decks of cards…Tarot of the Old Path, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, and Golden Tarot (which looks kinda Medieval/Renaissance-y). Take your pick, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (WordPress Bloggers only).


Disclaimer: These completely free short readings will just be for light entertainment purposes only and SHOULD NOT be considered actual fortune telling or be used to influence ANY major life decisions. I will not be held responsible for the content of the readings, and will keep all content of the readings light, non-serious, and only have surface content, aka fluff. If you want a deep, serious reading for any pressing issues you have, consider a paid reading conducted with an actual (licensed?) tarot card professional. So, please, keep your objective/skeptical thinking caps on! 🙂

Again, I won’t get too personal/revealing, Just in case, especially as I’ll be posting the blurbs in response to your comments publicly. I can do actual readings, but this will just be for fun, especially since I don’t actually know you in real life. I will also reserve the right to not do any readings if I don’t feel comfortable with the situation, the recipient of said tarot reading, or with any initial questions being asked.

And, again, remember to take the readings with a practical-minded grain of salt.

Or, at the very least, listen to Spock: “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” – Star Trek, season 1, episode 24 (“Space Seed,” 1968)


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

79 thoughts on “Free Tarot Readings…”

    1. Again, I’ll stress that this is just for fun/entertainment! Remember to take it with a grain of salt! (Take my blog entry to heart, please LOL Oh, and I had a helper–Cricket, who, of course, promptly sprawled across the cards as soon as I laid them out. *begin reading* New start, but no worries–you have lots of talents that will lead to success in your (many?!?!) ventures! You are truly a blessed soul–joy and happiness surround you–you definitely have (spiritual/religious?) guides. But, you know that you hold up your end of the bargain with hard work and dedication. Planning is also your BFF (best friend)! As well as being confident in yourself. The “cards” are also in your favour to achieve the moderation and balance you’ve dreamed of!–have patience in addition to trusting your self and your instincts. *end reading*

    1. Which one of you (there’s two of you blogging, right?) LOL. It’s just for fun, anyway, so on we go 😉 *begin reading* It was kinda funny because I did get two cards for women of different personalities. Hope I didn’t influence the draw *laugh*. Anyway, the read pointed to a period of intense activity, change and personal growth. Not only through acquiring knowledge but an acceleration of experiences as well. It’s a building block time, full of travel and new adventure and goal-seeking! Keep your balance and center–keep yourself grounded in your self and who you are–because there’s a lot that’s (continuing to?) head your way! You’re in for an exciting ride! *end reading*

      1. Thank you! Is it possible to have two separate reading for me, Rania, as well as my sister Menat? I, Rania, am the one who orginally asked for the reading. Thank you that explains alot!

      2. Well, it depends. Do you guys do a lot of stuff together–because the reading did seem to be inclusive of two people experiencing a combined path? I hate to get into specifics but one personality was more dreamy and artsy, the other was more practical and logical–fiery and outgoing? That’s just what the two women cards displayed. Who knows, it’s all just for fun, anyway 🙂

      3. Well, truthfully, I’m not going to comment on that part of the reading, but you have a bright outlook ahead of you! I think your path lies together for a while, but it will be a good thing!

    1. Well, it’s harder than I thought to keep it sort of…simplified? You’re a (fellow) writer/lit major so I’m sure you can fill in the word blank better than I did. Anyhoo, your message is pretty simple. *begin reading* You are a force to be reckoned with. And that’s a compliment. You’ll rely on that strength of character time and time again. And, since you have that character trait, you’ll know not to change that about yourself to fit into a mold. Use it to shatter that glass ceiling! You might also respond to the lure of the travel bug via an educational experience abroad, or some other work/study travel experience, but block out some space in your well-planned itinerary for a bit of adventure! *end reading*

    1. Well, I got a lot of Major Arcana cards in the read I pulled. Jeez. I did the Golden Tarot for you and it had a strong goddess/”feminine” guidance message. Usually the Old Path tarot is more goddess orientated/women-centric. *begin reading* Creativity will help you in your spiritual awareness and growth, but also in more pragmatic ventures. Balance is important as you move ahead–I know it’s stereotypical and an overused/co-opted metaphor, but think Yin/Yang balance. Having said that, focus on more “feminine” ways of achieving success–I’m trying not to get too specific, but guidance will come from more…old-world? Goddess? Female Saints? Matriarchal? sources. (Whatever your spiritual/religious belief system includes) Hold onto the strength of your “feminine” side and approach to art and life. The world needs it. *end reading*

    1. Hmm. The short version: Got your bags packed? Or have you even started? Lots of stuff going on, or soon to be going on…things will pick up at a pretty rapid pace. Get ready for a bunch of new adventures–a result of work you’ve been putting in behind the scenes, and lots of coin-of-the-realm jingle as a reward! Just take care in not being rushed through things too fast…take the time out to assess each new situation, but, you’re on the right path!

    1. Trying not to include spoilers (*laugh*), but you’re entering into a new cycle on your…life path? Things are picking up on the money front, but there’s also some interesting evolution on the spiritual growth front as well. You may meet, or will meet, someone with a deep personality, who is also very spiritual and aware. They might be a guiding force for you and others. But, you’re a strong woman in your own right, coming to terms with your own potential both in the spiritual world (?) and in the more pragmatic world of career and money-making. Go out and rule the world, or your immediate geographical locale–*laugh* 😉 (Remember, this reading is just for fun!)

      1. Omg!!! Dood, it’s funny because I am entering a new cycle in my life- starting my university degree! I’ll keep in mind if I’ll find anyone with a deep personality. Thank you for the reading! (: It was fun

    1. Okay, here goes your reading. “Decision time! There’s a lot of options/choices in front of you and you might not know which way to go. Rely on yourself and your intuition/judgment to pick the best path for you. Consider all options carefully before committing. You may get a new opportunity for your business or an important/high-profile contract. (I’m skipping over the relationship stuff because that’s too personal and I said I wouldn’t go there LOL–A.C.F.) Then it says, even though you need to charge ahead on your own merit, to not shut yourself off completely. Hang onto (or build) a network/support group as you successfully blaze this new path for yourself and create a high-profile reputation of your own in your field.”

      1. Ooo this one is most interesting! Especially as you know I’m a Virtual Assistant… I actually just had a high profile opportunity contact me on Friday. I guess I should go blaze a new path! Hahaha. Thanks!

        And happy to see you blogging again. What brought you back? I could’ve missed it while I had my baby.

      1. Okay, so it’s kinda a strange reading because of the impressions I was getting from the Voodoo tarot. I was picking up on a lot of elemental energy via the cards’ messages. Mainly, earth, water and fire. There’s some confusion that’s currently holding court right now, which may be from bringing these elemental energies into alignment/balance. Water is bringing up a lot of stuff from the subconscious/hidden worlds (whatever terminology you prefer) and this may be lending a dreamy quality to things at present. Out of this swirly-ness, some new opportunities are being created. “Patience is a virtue” as the old adage goes, but there’s also some earth elemental at work…in a similar context to water…unearthing some of nature’s mysteries, or tapping into earth energy somehow? Then there’s the fire element, which may be a person (you?) with (a usual) more practical, powerful, action go-getter vibe. In any case, cultivating/tapping into the “wisdom” of these elements/elemental guides is only helping you grow and expand your abilities as a powerful woman/source of ancient or women-centric wisdom/healer. You have innate power, and you are working on ways to cultivate and enhance your innate skills. This is a time of evolution for you.

      2. Okay, so dude, I’m not putting this on, but I did get a bit of an energy rush or something when I did this reading. Like electricity/like being surrounded by charged air. It was a little spooky, but it wasn’t a bad sensation. LOL

  1. Awesome that you are offering some readings here. It shows that you have a giving spirit. Love that positive energy of yours I see through your post, keep it up!

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