Eating around the World: Canada


I have to say, I kinda drew a blank on this one (sorry Canadian readers) and I’ve even been to Canada multiple times, to my embarrassment. (Don’t hate me, please LOL) Probably because I’m vegetarian? But I did have high tea at the Empress–that I remember.

So, I’ll have to do some recruiting and ask you to help me out by sharing your favourite Canadian-style foods/recipes, and restaurants in the comments.

Poutine, maple syrup, and fish dishes are ubiquitous, according to Wikipedia, anyway. (

I love maple doughnuts 🙂

Other fun links (some with recipes):

Mmm, split pea soup! (Okay, I really do need to move to Canada 🙂 )

Okay, off to watch Olympic football (U.S. vs Sweden women’s football on now!)


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12 thoughts on “Eating around the World: Canada”

  1. Please Don’t be embarrassed
    It is quite alright if you can’t discuss Canadian Cuisine. I would be at lost to name truly American dishes. Apple Pie?

    Canada and the U.S. are both huge countries and our focus is really on regional delicacies. We are also
    nations of immigrants who brought along tbeir very own recipes. Our East Coast is Fresh Fish Delight, the Province of Québec is French based cuisine
    n.b. please stay away from the Phony Maple donuts.

    While in Montréal, visit St Viateur Bagels ( sheer perfection!) and the little bistros and pâtisseries in the old town. I would highly recommend that you order the Maple Syrup Pie in Québec city. Toronto has some incredibly fine restaurants and as you travel further west, you will arrive in Cattle Country, then the Prairies (you must like wheat) and on to the Coast, where people are very very health conscious…

    It.may be fun to exchange our local recipes. What say you?

    1. I would love to exchange recipes. I like watching cooking shows and such…tonight is the British Baking show….but, cooking in the U.S. in comparison to some other places…hmm…LOL New Mexico has some pretty good eats.

      1. I wish I could go there, too. Right now, in fact! 🙂 If Trump gets elected, I’ll build my own boat…out of a sneaker or duct tape and cardboard or anything that will sail LOL

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