All my BFFs have been animals…or trees.


“I’ve always felt more like a wolf than a person.”–Karin Berquist, “Alpha”–The X-Files

I seem to get along better with animals than people, most times.

The other night, I was out in yard taking down the bird feeder, and my pant leg got caught on a weed. I reached down to pull it off, but luckily I had the flashlight, and it was the nightly skunk. She was pulling on my pant leg and looking up at me. I love animals, but I’m afraid I didn’t handle it too well. I kinda jumped and then hopped backwards. I thought she would spray  me in alarm, but she just went about her business of eating bugs or whatever else skunks eat. 

I’m trying not to encourage the wildlife anyway–getting them used to humans and all that is not good for wild animals, of course. But I think the person who lived in the unit before me was feeding the animals, my guess.. My first night in the unit, the same skunk came up to the door and was pawing at it. Still, the skunk is pretty cute…from a distance. (It’s baby season here for wildlife.)

But, I seem to attract animals…strays, wildlife, cats, dogs, insects, most everything, even birds, thought they kinda scare me. Something about their talons and my eyeballs. (Made being a wildlife rehabber interesting…). I like bird watching, though.

Once, I was on a date with this guy, and we took our bikes to the beach at night…along with his dog. It wasn’t intentional, just part of the moment, but his dog and I raced down the beach together, then we stopped and sat on the beach together, cuddling together and totally bonding. It was an amazing date, but I don’t think the guy enjoyed it too much. *laugh* Though, I did have a romantic interest that liked to treated like a cat. Food bowls and everything. That was interesting but short-lived, if I remember rightly.

I’ve always been really close to the cats I’ve adopted (or, who chose to live with me, in actuality)–more like best friends and roommates than human-defined “pets”. Or, in reality, I’m their slave. 🙂

I have one BFF left of the horde of 13–Cricket–and she’s about 18-20. Let’s hope she hangs in there…I might have to go out and get a people BFF otherwise–one who likes chaos, that is! 

But, then, there’s always my tree friends to talk to…






Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

15 thoughts on “All my BFFs have been animals…or trees.”

  1. I’m a lover of animals, people and trees too. In regard to the people, sometimes from a significant distance, lolol! Hey, did you know that today is International Cat Day?! What with seven cats of my own you’d think I’d know that but nope. Completely unaware until I came across that info via a hippie page I follow on Facebook. I swear, hippies know all the important stuff!

      1. It wasn’t planned, lol. We had two cats and our dog when we moved to our current home a year ago. Several months later, a Siamese cat showed up and adopted us. Soon after, we discovered she was pregnant. She ended up having 4 Lynx Points and one Seal Point (like her). We all fell hopelessly in love them so here they’ll stay. Going on 9 months old.

  2. I love your story about your date with the guy and his dog, and bonding with the dog. Priceless! I bet he left the dog at home on his next date…
    Animals are wonderful companions. They don’t judge, they don’t lie” to be kind”, they don’t make promises they can’t keep, they don’t brag about how much money they have. .. how important their job is…The choice is pretty clear to me.

  3. I love the dog date story too. I think it makes sense – animals are so loyal and loving. It’s so pure. They just never disappoint you.

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