Alchemy of Chess…


Alec Hardison: Maybe if you let me use the Vulcan rules like I’m accustomed to… “The Queen’s Gambit Job” Leverage (TV show)

“A Few Hours After This” –The Cure

A little while ago, I wrote an article for Renaissance Magazine on Human Chess Matches. (It’s a great magazine, btw! 🙂  )

Chess has been on my mind lately, metaphorically, in relation to certain things going on in my little chaotic world.

As a result, I decided to include some links for human chess match events around the world for my Travel Tuesday blog!

(What’s a human chess match?)

In Marostica, Italy–September 2016:

It might be part of the Hue Festival in Hue City, Vietnam (I tried to find the event for the next festival, but no luck. Still looks awesome, anyway!):

The Metrocon Anime Convention does a chess match every year–it’s awesome!:

Six Elements Theatre’s Human Chess Match:

That’s it for now…the outside world is beckoning…



Author: Willow Croft

Poet, Writer, Dreamer. (Jupiter Profile Photo is from NASA

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