Sustainable Menstruation!


There’s much debate over the environmental impact over the products we women use to soak up our monthly bleeding. (Oh, come on, it’s 2016!!! Though, given the current state of things, sometimes I wonder…)

Anyhoo, the debate rages on such topics about comfort, period shaming, and women’s health. (Disclaimer: I have not received any products for free in the making of this review blog.)

Here’s a site I found that breaks it down pretty well:

I, for one, was delighted to discover LunaPads back in the…90s? Years ago, anyway. (I discovered them in a Bitch Magazine ad) Disposable pads just didn’t cut it. I tried everything for years (sans tampons–not a fan)–heavy “flow”, wings, industrial-strength sponges (just kidding!), but nothing worked to prevent “leaks”. (Yep, yet another reason why I hated high school–aside from being a huge nerd, that is…LOL)

But LunaPads did. They were fantastic! I never had any problem after that. Well, until they changed their construction. The old ones had the wings on the inside, sewn directly into the base wing pad, and now they had one of the wingless inserts sewn onto the base. When I purchased a set of the new ones, I realised they were no longer as effective. I even contacted the company directly and asked them why they changed the construction and explained that they weren’t as effective, and they said they had customer requests and positive feedback about the new design, and that’s how they were going to be made from here on out.

So, I’m on the quest for new replacements. I have tried GladRags in the past, and they weren’t my first choice, but I might try them again, as I desperately need a more effective alternative. I’m also looking at the “Period Panties” that Thinx makes.

In any case, I put together a shopping list to get you started. Please, post up below with any feedback or comments on these products! Thanks!

Happy Green Bleeding! (i.e. environmental, not Vulcan…it wouldn’t be the Chaos Fairy without some lame nerd humour!)




Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Menstruation!”

  1. I actually use a period cup. Depending on how heavy your period is, it can leak in the first day or two. But there are so many different kinds that if you do research well enough and find one that fits your body right, you shouldn’t have any leaking. I just didn’t bother lol. I love it though! It’s very green too. 🙂

    My baby is actually on cloth diapers….yay green!

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