Mysteries at the Museum Season 11!

<–History Nerd!

Mysteries at the Museum Season 11 airs this Friday, July 1st! Don Wildman is awesome! And, yes, I have been known to utter, in museums, “Hey, I saw that (or that exhibit/artifact) on Mysteries at the Museum!” which elicits equal/like excitement from the museum staff.

(Doesn’t quite have the same impact on dates, though. LOL)

Course, I’m a season behind, so I have some catchin’ up to do! Which is not bad, usually I’m two or three (or an entire show) seasons behind. (Just started watching a show called Leverage, for example–around football, of course.)

Some of my favourite history museums/other museums/historic sites:

There’s so many, that I’ve probably forgotton my absolute favs, but that’s all I can remember for now.

And so many more on my bucket list…especially after watching Mysteries at the Museum!




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