Gettin’ my culture on in New Mexico!

Sitting down to a simple breakfast of beans on toast, accentuated by a cup of Girl Scout cookie tea, on a typical sunny New Mexico morning. Yep, you read that right: GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TEA! How amazing is that? Bigelow Tea has come out with a line of teas based on the iconic flavours of Girl Scout cookies. They come in a Thin Mints® flavour and a Samoa-type caramel and coconut tea blend. And, unlike (most) of the actual cookies, they are gluten free. Better yet, the box says the teas are also GMO-free. According to the Bigelow website, it seems that they are really trying to make their teas more eco-friendly in the cultivation and harvesting process. But, unfortunately, they still have excess packaging in that the tea bags are individually wrapped. Check out the Girl Scout cookie tea press release, here.

Okay, I’ll quit being a tea nerd, for now. Here’s my take on the classic British breakfast, beans on toast. It makes for a quick yet filling breakfast. (Hint: this may not be the best choice of breakfast for jobs that are heavily customer-service orientated. Beans, ya know. *laugh*)

Recipe (one serving):

  • Two slices of Toasted Bread (For me, it’s Canyon Bakehouse’s gluten-free Mountain White bread)
  • Organic/non-GMO Black Beans (in a can)
  • Shredded White Cheddar.
  • Hot Sauce.

Heat the beans just to a simmer so you don’t burn away all the liquid. Lightly toast the bread. Put the toast on a piece of tin foil. Spoon the beans on the toast. Douse the beans with hot sauce to taste. Sprinkle the shredded cheese over the top. Set the oven on broil (or use your toaster oven on broil) and put the beans on toast in the oven until the cheese melts. The temperature doesn’t really matter…my toaster oven automatically heats up to 450 on the broil setting, but I have to watch it carefully as it can burn pretty fast. So, try not to wander away from the oven. When the cheese is melted, your delicious beans-on-toast breakfast is ready!

I might try this Smoky Texas Toast recipe for the base of my beans-on-toast. I have a feeling it might be overpowering, but I’m excited about the potential savory kick it could add to my breakfast. Will have to experiment on a weekend morning.

However, since summer has finally hit New Mexico (it’s hot, even without the humidity), this Peach Toast recipe also from PBS Food might be a better summer alternative to my beans-on-toast breakfast staple. It can easily be made vegetarian by omitting the prosciutto.

But, I’m not sure I’ll be in my humble kitchen too much, as there’s some great foodie events in New Mexico this summer.

This lavender-themed dinner, hosted by Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm, looks divine for those of you whose palate may be more sophisticated than mine.

For me, I like to eat the food equivalent of ready-to-wear (and, often, do end up wearing whatever I’m eating) but that doesn’t mean I like to sacrifice taste or avoid food-related adventures! So, this Greek Festival in Santa Fe looks deliciously perfect—a feast for all the senses!

And, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a festival like this one: New Mexico Fermentation Festival. But, I probably just need culturing. (Get it?…Culturing?…Fermenting?…Anyone? *crickets*)

So, that’s it for this Foodie Friday blog. Until next week!


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

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