The Chaos Fairy is Fizzling!

Donna: What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special. I mean, I— I’m not… I’m nothing special. I’m a temp! I’m not even that. I’m nothing.
Rose: Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation.
Donna: Oh, don’t. Just… don’t. I’m tired. I’m so tired.


Every few years or so, the Chaos Fairy goes through yet another catalyst situation, where everything gets decimated and the Chaos Fairy has to rebuild on the rubble of past lives.

I think the past four or five years are falling prey to that process, and it’s time for me to move on from spending X hours a day on the computer blogging, writing, and social media.

Like the Doctor from Doctor Who, I don’t really know what each new incarnation will bring…some old (like continuing to write?) and some new (being an artist/traveller/rabblerouser?).

All I know by now is how to recognize the symptoms of the chaotic transition process (a good visual is the Tower card in tarot cards–a card that I have never failed to receive in all the readings I’ve done for myself and by others) and then I go through denial because I want just a teeny tiny little slice of stability before I accept it and let everything go.

I know that I’ve spent the last four to five years trying to find work, any work, especially in locales I’ve longed to live in, and in my field(s): history, museums, non-profits, teaching, literature–to no avail.

So, coupled with my vision problems that I’m worried about re: computer usage, it’s time for the Chaos Fairy to once again take stock, rebuild, and try to come up with a plan for my yet-to-be-actualized future. I’m gettin’ tired and running out of ideas, but, of course, we “Goonies never say die!”

I’ve loved all the support, laughs, tears, lovely melancholy, beauty, coping tips, touchstones, grounding, clarity, writing advice, inspiration, great stories, travel adventures, art, poems, and yummy recipes I’ve found in the blogging community, but now I have to exit stage right.

I have a new Chaos Realm to navigate and explore! On to the next new adventure. Decided to just leave the blog up for now…didn’t have the heart to take it down completely…

Anyhoo, I hate goodbyes, so….here’s to all the bloggers & readers out there! Break a leg, everyone!


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

24 thoughts on “The Chaos Fairy is Fizzling!”

  1. You will be missed, Chaos Fairy. Good luck with your new projects and endeavors. I truly hope you find everything you are looking for. You are a wonderful, supportive, and SPECIAL person!

    1. Oh, also, if you ever want a job here or there, let me know and I’ll see if I have anything available. I know you’re trying to step away from the computer world, but the offer is there if you need it.

  2. Is there a chance you might still be able to do one last challenge on your blog?? please? I nominated you for the future challenge on my blog, but if not good luck in whatever the future holds 🙂

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