Tea-Time Friday!

Tea reigns supreme in the Realm of the Chaos Fairy! I spent part of the morning watching a couple of tea videos from the Anglophenia channel on YouTube (my eyes are a little tired, now, so this post has to be quick.) and that inspired this post.

Are you a tea-totaller, or a coffee fanatic? What’s your favourite tea-time ritual/accompaniment?

My favourite teas are Earl Grey, Russian Caravan Tea, and if I have the time and energy, I do prefer loose-leaf tea over tea bags! Like Ducky Mallard from NCIS!

This tea site looks like fun!


Okay, off to rest my eyeballs! And have another cup of tea!


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32 thoughts on “Tea-Time Friday!”

  1. I’m a coffee drinker. I only drink tea with lemon when I am ill. But hubby drinks Earl Gray and my firstborn loves, well so many- mostly the aforementioned Earl Gray and Lady Gray, and she loves Lapsang souchong.

    Thanks for the tea link, I’ll pass it along 🙂

      1. Maybe I’ll pick that up for her when I give her a tea pack for Christmas. Thanks for the tip:)
        I like my coffee strong, sweet, and black. I do like to fiddle with lattés because my 2nd child likes them 🙂 Expensive at Starbuck’s!

  2. I am just starting the process of switching from a regular morning coffee drinker to tea, but it’s been difficult. I am probably one of the only people in the South that does not like of any kind of tea, hot or cold (including sweet tea). I know tea will be much more beneficial to my health, so for this reason I want to make the switch, preferably Green Tea. I know it’s the relaxing, quiet routine of it I love so much, I just have to get used to the taste change.

    1. Why the switch? There used to be this place here that was a chain but they had the best iced coffee…New Orleans/French coffee…YUM. I have a hard time handling the caffeine in coffee…really makes me jittery and sketchy. I miss it, though!

      1. For the caffeine content but I’ve been getting conflicting answers on which had more black brewed coffee vs green tea

      2. I saw these statistics too. If this is correct than coffee has way more caffeine!

      3. I think it does. I really feel sketchy–almost like I took some sort of amphetamine (not that I’ve done drugs, mind you, just theorizing *laugh*) after I drink coffee. I don’t have that same reaction to tea, either green or black. If that says anything!

    1. What’s builders tea? (I guess I could look it up *laugh*) Here’s Wikipedia’s take on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Caravan Essentially, it’s lapsong souchoung blend–a pine-smoked tea . Very dark, smoky, and rich. The local tea house in Sarasota, Elixir (http://www.elixirteahouse.com/menu.php), has a dark, rich blend that I like called Magic Moon. At least, I think that was the name of the blend. Haven’t been able to go in a while due to lack of funds.

  3. Love any post about tea! I have soooo much tea that it’s getting out of hand. I bought some shelves from Etsy and put them up on the wall and they are dedicated to tea.

    I love adagio teas! I get some every other month from them as part of the club.

    My favorite tea ritual is getting a book, some sweets, a cup of tea and reading it on my cozy armchair. Soon we are getting a new gas fireplace so that will just complete the picture in the wintertime.

    My favorite tea changes a lot, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be English Breakfast because it’s been a staple my whole life and I’ve never moved on from it in the morning. I’m enjoying Yerba Mate right now along with some blends I’ve made myself.

    I really wish I lived in England at times since America is just way too coffee oriented. Yuck.

    1. When can I move in with you guys? LOL I am drinking Yerba Mate right now, as well. My long term plan is to move to the UK, most likely Scotland! Though anywhere overseas is on the list! Pack your bags and let’s go! *laugh* (teasing)

      1. Lol I also forgot to mention that I’m a certified level I Japanese tea mistress! My love for tea is really never ending. Kind of like my love for star wars.

  4. I have never developed a taste for coffee so tea is definitely my thing. I too prefer the loose teas but I rarely take the time to enjoy that ritual so it is most often just a teabag in the hot water. I do go on kicks where I try a variety of different teas but usually end of getting confused when trying to figure out which I like best. I’ll have to make a point of having a cuppa in the morning.

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