Mish-Mash Thursday

So, I’m having trouble settling back into a routine. Not really a surprise, since I love chaos! Here’s what a great blogger says about routine (Florida needs more bloggers like Florida Life Minimalist.) Maybe we wouldn’t be losing wildlife areas and vintage homes to sprawling malls, gated communities, McMansions, and other features of overzealous development.

So, since I have expressed interest in volunteering as a freelance writer, covering women’s history sites, I figured that can count as my stand-in for #TBT.

In the meantime, I opted to unofficially jump in on blogger Steve Says “borrowed idea” blog chain (Check out his answers to the questions by clicking the aforementioned link). Just for fun. I feel like I need some lighthearted, silly fun in the Chaos Realm, lately.

Anyway, here’s my answers.

1. If you could go back in time and change one decision you’ve made, what would it be?

I wouldn’t have left Europe when I was over there. Or, I would have set up residency there somehow, and only come back to the U.S. only to pick up my cat.

2. What do you wish you had more time for?


3. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Talking to trees. Redheads (aka Gingers).

4. What’s your favourite smell?

The smell of the rain. (Kind of the same as Steve’s, actually)

5. Where do you want to be five years from now?

Living overseas, in Europe/Scotland. Again, like Steve, I want a vintage home with history/character.

6. If they would make a movie of your life, who would play you?

That’s hard. Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Poelher, or Sarah Silverman.

7. What would be your ultimate job?

Getting paid to read books all day.

8. Which goal should definitely be on your bucket list?

Exploring cenotes. Deep sea diving. Space travel, Star Trek/Star Wars style. Time Travel.

9. What have you wanted to do for a long time, but keep procrastinating about?

Save the planet from the human race.

10. Which achievement are you most proud of?

Even though I’m still jobless, money-less (fifteen & five years later, respectively) getting my BA and MA. It’s a a big FU to all the teachers in the Sarasota school system and everyone else who just dismissed me as a  “retarded, brainless, worthless airhead” growing up. I’m a real-life example of how you should NEVER listen to people who try to tell you you are garbage, and put you down. Fight back against limited-thinking a-holes! Prove the bastards wrong!

11. What would the autobiography of your life be called?

Love in the Asylum (poem by Dylan Thomas)


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

30 thoughts on “Mish-Mash Thursday”

    1. Finding your blog was the highlight of my day! Re: #9, A bit ambitious, but it feels like an urgent necessity to do something more proactive–more than just downsizing, living lightly, and recycling. Sea Shepherd is on my list, action-wise! 🙂

      1. I often wonder what more I can do as well. As a whole, living lightly with minimal waste all around and recycling would help tremendously, but without the commitment from every single human it can feel like a hopeless act. For now, I do what I can. I do my part. I find ways to do more, with less. I try to spread the word and set a good example. I ask others to do the same.

      2. I am hoping that we are evolving, mentally and cosmically—at risk of sounding new-agey–it does seem like some sort of universal transformation is taking place.

      3. I hope so! I think teaching environmentally healthy habits in schools could go a long way.

    1. Ha, I love them both, equally! I always wanted to be Han Solo–still do (I need to replace my long-faded sticker on my car that says “My other transport is the Millenium Falcon”. So, you’re right, I’ll have to fix that!

      1. Of course not! I’m so behind the times these days! LOL but looking forward to it. The trailer looks rad (I keep calling them previews, just to FYI-date myself. *laugh*)

      2. Ha, I just (re) watched “The Doctor and the Daughter” last night, ironically!

        DONNA: He saves planets, rescues civilisations, defeats terrible creatures. And runs a lot. Seriously, there’s an outrageous amount of running involved.


        JENNY: Planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat, and an awful lot of running to do

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