The Chaos Fairy is a Fourth of July Party Pooper!

“The Borg: Party poopers of the galaxy.” The Doctor, Star Trek: Voyager.

I gotta admit, I have never really been a fan of the Fourth of July. Even in my younger, social party days, my circle of cohorts and I would always stay home from the goth/punk clubs and watch movies and order pizza or get Chinese take-out. Something about the frenetic, drunken, crazed energy out there made us all want to hide out. So, in keeping with tradition, I’ll be huddled in front of the telly with my neurotic cat welded to my side, watching movies and such.

I used to find fireworks amazing, but I have become more and more aware of the effect they have on songbirds and other wildlife, not to mention the impact they have on the environment. Here in our neighbourhood, I’ve even witnessed people shooting unbelievably loud, large fireworks directly up into the trees (As an aside, a couple of residents of The Oaks in Osprey–not as part of Fourth of July celebrations–deliberately fired fireworks into this rookery near their homes.

So, I’ve put together a list of links for this “Sustainable Saturday” post of ways to still have your Fourth of July firework fun while being mindful of local wildlife and birds. And some tips for your scaredy cat animals! And for the real Fourth of July terrors–kids! *laugh* Thanks for reading!

Have fun, and have an emergency-room-free holiday, U.S. peeps!


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

11 thoughts on “The Chaos Fairy is a Fourth of July Party Pooper!”

  1. Thanks for posting. There are other animals, including domestic pets, and many of the humanoid variety that are also affected by the fireworks, like some veterans, some with autism…

    1. I saw that…in one of the links/blogs somewhere today, I saw mention of PTSD sufferers who have a problem with the $th! Enjoy the festivities while I”m lurking in my Chaos Fairy cave!

    1. Yeah, even in sleepy Sorry-sota, they were setting off fireworks way past one in the morning *laugh*. I can imagine all the phone calls to the police as it was past the “noise ordinance” cutoff. :-p How do you like living in the midwest?

  2. Having been a die-hard fan of fireworks in my childhood ( so much so I used to make fireworks of my own by buying the ingredients, which was possible in those innocent times!), I seem to have come a full circle as I believe they do enormous damage to the environment.


    1. Can you imagine being a bird snoozing on your nest, or a tree branch and a loud firework explodes right over your head, showering you with multicoloured sparks? Talk about avian PTSD! *wry laugh*

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