Prepare to be Boarded By the Dread (Glittery!) Pirate Chaos Fairy, Silver Threading!

Nope, I wasn’t invited! But, what are pirates for? *laugh*

Nothing raises a Chaos Fairy’s pirate spirits like a bit of plundering!

Boy, I really feel off-kilter and discombobulated still (yes, more bloody whingeing!), so I saw Silver Threading’s Workspace Blog Hop yesterday (there really does look like there’s an aura around her Buddha picture), I decided to “board” it to add in some good-natured chaos and mayhem! (If I do it right, that is…)

I wish I could post a picture of my new desk space in New Mexico, but I’m not there yet. And, as Buffalo Tom and Gunther reminded me, I’m missing out on the Roswell UFO festival in July! Crying galaxies of interstellar tears!

Latest News from the Chaos Realm: The Cat Depot, which was formed to take in cats from a shelter-turned-hoarder, has opened a new low-cost veterinary clinic, so, to the joy of my cats, I can take them in for a recheck of their old-age health issues. What a life-saver–literally! A huge pre-visit shout-out to the Rose Durham Veterinary Clinic!

Unlike Susie81 Speaks says (within her blog about animal cruelty…go check it out!), my senior cats have been 100 percent successful in destroying my bank account. *wry laugh* But, 100 percent worth it…they are my best friends and keep me balanced in my chaotic realm!

In the background, while working today, I have this up and running: Alaska Bear Cam. Very peaceful.

I am about to receive another manuscript for edits, so more $$$ coming in to cover recent medical bills and upcoming vet bills. Which is good, considering that Florida’s Department of Children and Families cut my food stamps back to $16. Here’s hoping the food I bought with this month’s food stamps lasts until August. *worries*

The good news is that I’m getting my NanoWriMo manuscript in shape for sending it out to the editor, but I have to make sure I have the funds to cover the costs, so it may take a while. Spending the week trying to squeeze money out of a rock crunch numbers and see if and when I can afford it. After that, I’ll probably self-publish it! Exciting!

That’s it for now. Onto the fun stuff–pics of the Chaos Fairy’s workspace, along with a few of my helpful pirate assistants!






Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

13 thoughts on “Prepare to be Boarded By the Dread (Glittery!) Pirate Chaos Fairy, Silver Threading!”

  1. I loved this my Pirate/Chaos Fairy friend! Well done and I adore your workspace ornaments. They are truly the best. Shhhhh, don’t tell Sugar and Spice that I said I loved your kitties. 😀 Thank you for jumping into this fun blog hop. I am so glad you did! ❤

    1. Muahahaha! The depths of my “evilness” knows no bound! (That was awesome, by the way!). (aside: Tink, look, I’ve made it to the big time…Wendy Darling just commented on my blog!) *laugh*

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