Eyeball Update

Well, still waiting on results for Cat Scratch Fever results, of all things, but everything else is clear for anything terminal. Have some damage to left eyeball optic nerve, but swelling is down. One of the tests was for a B-12 deficiency–interesting, eh? I’m a little low on B-12. Still have partial vision in left eye, but waiting game to see if and when vision will return fully. Right eye should be stable. Taking lots of vitamins, Vitamin B-12, Omega oils, drinking beet juice, etc.. No clear answer on what caused damage to optic nerve. So, that’s all I know. I figured I would post up that stuff, preventive-wise, in case this happens to anybody else, even though this seemed to come out of nowhere, for me.

Trying to get back to normal routine. I miss reading everybody’s blogs!

Thanks for all the support.


Author: The Chaos Realm

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34 thoughts on “Eyeball Update”

  1. Feel better soon, it amazing how B12 deficiency can wreak such havoc on your energy and mood. Hope your vision fully returns, and soon!

    1. Yeah, on recommendation of (one of the multitude) of eye doctors, I got some (cheap) yellow-tinted computer glasses from Good Glasses and have cut back on computer hours a lot! Just in case. Thanks for the well wishes!

      1. Yes, they were recommended by one of the eyeball doctors. They have them there…not sure what the difference is between the ones I bought online and the ones they have (aside from price). They’re for reducing eye strain while at the computer, purportedly.

      1. LOL! Yep, I’m a coward about all things medical! (Also, I would be covered in tattoos if I didn’t hate needles so much.) Amazing I got through it, and that the doctors survived as well!. 🙂 Here’s hoping the pills work. I go in for a recheck in a few weeks! Thanks again for all the comments and support!

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