Nerd Crush on Orphan Black!

So, a while ago, I watched the first episode of Orphan Black, and I just couldn’t get into it. Even though it was a BBC production and I usually love dark stuff. Lately, I’ve opted to watch lighter, fluffy fare. Plus, I’m usually a lot more finicky when it comes to watching TV, as opposed to reading anything and everything in book format. I see a lot more what I refer to as “cookie cutter” (predictable) acting, especially in a lot of sci-fi, suspense, and mystery shows, these days. Also, I have a decided preference for (ahem, more mature) classically trained actors who have merged their stage career with movie/TV acting.

Anyway, I was having a hard time settling on a show to watch, after (finally!) catching up on Once Upon a Time, so I gave Orphan Black a go, again.

It is so frickin’ good!

(No idea what makes up a spoiler these days, but just in case…watch out for any spoilers, either here, or in the comments LOL)

In between all the armchair-gripping suspense, I am laughing my ass off at some of Tatiana Maslany‘s character portrayals.

Thanks to her, I am now completely hooked on the show!

I’ve only just started Season Two of Orphan Black, so please don’t post up any spoilers (even though I’m gettin’ senile and will probably forget by the next time I sit down to watch the show!). Thanks!

Two Vulcan “V” signs for this show, and for the amazing Tatiana Maslany!

For those of you who have seen the show, what do you think of Maslany’s performance(s)?


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8 thoughts on “Nerd Crush on Orphan Black!”

  1. It took me a very long time before deciding to give a try to Orphan Black. I had seen trailers and read a lot about it, but I didn’t feel like watching it. I watched the pilot last December, and within a week I watched the first two seasons! I love it to pieces! I didn’t see anything of season 3 yet, but so happy it’s already confirmed for a 4th one!

  2. I LOVE her performance! I think she does an amazing job, and I think it’s hilarious when she is playing a clone pretending to be a different clone. Layers.

  3. I’ve never gotten into the show, although I admit I’ve been trying out fewer shows lately. Eventually I suppose I’ll be down to just thinking about watching one show without ever actually doing it, and wondering why there’s nothing on anymore.

  4. Absolutely. We don’t have premium TV but a few weeks ago our provider had a “Free Week” and I caught the first two episodes. Wow. It’s been stuck in my head ever since.

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