Funk-y #Foodie Friday

I am so tired, cranky, and really annoyed with my eyeball, so…

…time for a wonderful foodie getaway! Found this via this Huffington Post article–how heavenly would this be? *laugh*

I would definitely sign up for this if/when I have extra $$$.

But, I’ll at least be in yummy eats heaven with my travel layover in New Mexico, soon! Red or Green Chile?

Are you eating anywhere/anything exotic this weekend?

(Yep, that’s really the end of this post. Whew, right? Go out and enjoy the weekend that seemed to take FOREVER to get here!)


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

9 thoughts on “Funk-y #Foodie Friday”

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  2. I am looking at a very staid, ordinary weekend actually. We might get to the bagel shop for brunch. It’s been a busy several weekends, though, so we’re glad to not do anything exotic for a while. Oh, maybe the place downtown that’s trying to start a middle-eastern fast-food chain of itself.

    1. No, but it’s not getting better. Even though the eyeball doctor said it wouldn’t. I just have an eyeball/vision (loss) phobia. So, just trying to “keep calm and one-and-a-half eyeball on”. Okay, so, yes, that was really lame, but… *wry laugh*

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