#TBT: Civil War Diaries by Women

I had a hard time coming up with a theme for today’s #TBT. As I told Trent over at Trent’s World, I would die of embarrassment if I posted a picture of my “wannabe” (aka “poser” <–our term) Madonna lookalike days. To sum up: crimped, pink-streaked hair, fingerless lace gloves, lace-trimmed ankle socks with pearl-blue jelly heels. So, you’ll just have to rely on the mental image that brings up. *wink*

So, I took inspiration from something a little more traditional, though these (Southern) Civil War women may not be as “stereotypically feminine” as general history would have us believe, depending on the historiographical interpretation. (That’s what I love about them.). They are also an excellent way to get a closer, more personal look at the daily life of people during the Civil War, and the culture that adapted itself to the wartime conditions during this time period.

Check out the Stillness of Heart blog  that has excerpts from Kate Stone’s Civil War Diaries.

Here is the (very small) amount of diary collections I’ve read:

Journals of Amanda Virginia Edmonds: Lass of the Mosby Confederacy

A Heritage of Woe: The Civil War Diary of Grace Brown Elmore, 1861-1868

Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary Of A Southern Woman

Catherine Barbara Hopkins Broun Papers, 1861-1868 (diary)

Any other recommendations for further reading?


Author: The Chaos Realm

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