Query: Travelling while running a freelance business…?

Thought I’d put this out there as I need some tips/advice to make the transition to a more freelance/mobile lifestyle–especially to writers/bloggers who are in the same situation. (I’m based in the US, at present.)

So, you need a home base to set up a business, even a sole proprietorship, but how do you balance that with being mobile and earning money via a business you have set up (only if you have one, of course!)? Short of going completely off the grid, I’m trying to figure out how travelling business people/freelance writers/travel bloggers, etc. manage to balance both worlds, financially, legally, and for tax purposes.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to manage this. And I can’t find any conclusive answers on the Internet, so far. Do you set up a home base to come back to, and use that location to register your business in, file taxes, and keep a permanent address in, while you travel around earning money, writing articles or other business-related activities?

I am really confused about the logistics of the process.

Any practical advice would be welcomed. Send me a message via the contact form  via the “About” page if you’d rather correspond more privately by email–otherwise feel free to leave comments to this blog entry.



Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

11 thoughts on “Query: Travelling while running a freelance business…?”

  1. Let us know what you find out! I’ll be doing something similar soon. For what it’s worth, I did just finish reading 4-Hour Workweek and it has a lot of practical ideas for how to create this kind of lifestyle.

  2. Hi there! I’m a Virtual Assistant and work out my home office…aka freelancing.

    Yes – set up your home base for tax reasons and to register your business. I’m a sole proprietor and I had to register my business. Everyone has to register their business somewhere (Sole prop’s are the town they’re located in, LLC can be any state). Since you’re freelancing, it makes most sense to register out of your home town, which is what I did, with my home address.

    Once you have that down, if you feel uncomfortable giving people/clients your home address, then get a P.O. Box so no one can track you. However, you will have to use whatever address you registered for your business for taxes. And don’t forget to file taxes quarterly (ugh) and yearly now.

    Sometimes I don’t even tell clients when I’m traveling, only when I know for a fact that I won’t be available at all, like the Star Wars convention. I worked when I went to Arizona in February for a wedding by the pool and they didn’t know.

    Does that help at all? Basically, yes, you have to have some kind of address to register your business. Whether or not you’re there doesn’t really matter, unless you plan on getting a lot of mail for your business (all my payments come through online). It’s just there for tax purposes.

    Here’s a blog post I wrote about it if you’re interested: http://www.dependableva.com/where-do-we-begin-setting-up-a-small-business/

      1. Oh cool, I didn’t see your other reply until now. Love to see another VA here having a personal blog on WP! WOOO. Are you part of VAF or any VA groups on the internet? Do you have a webpage I can check out?

        I’d love to keep in touch and keep your name handy. What kind of services do you provide? Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to keep in touch.

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