Mexico Awaits!

Sadly, I have never been to Mexico…

Personally, I would skip the beaches and resorts that seem to be so popular and visit other, probably just as popular, places. I have been fascinated by the Mayan civilisation for as long as I can remember (Okay, so there’s not much that doesn’t fascinate me! LOL), so I would probably steep myself into the history of Mexico. And enjoy the food, of course!

I’m not much one for group tours, but found a couple online:

Some travel shows that visit Mexico’s cenotes:

I would probably like to visit some of Chiapas’s museums while I was there:

I had a potter friend at school who wanted to live in San Miguel Allende, and talked about it all the time, so I really want to visit there, as well!

Where are your favourite places to visit in Mexico?

Also, for Cinco de Mayo, (even though it’s not Mexico’s Independence Day) I wanted to post up a link for a dedicated group of activists preserving the spirit of social change and labour reform! I’ve also included some links for overview/further reading about the women’s rights movement/women activists in Chiapas.


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