Letting go…

…of books.

Yes, I’m still hanging on to a lot of books. I am having trouble letting go of two books I added to my collection back when I was eleven or twelve.

I picked up these books and remembered, more than the meaning of the text within, how I felt when I first read them.


With Audre Lorde’s The Black Unicorn (1978), I remembered that this book was a light in a very dark time, when I felt completely alienated among humanity (aka middle school LOL) and with Haiku Harvest (1962), I had forgotten how drawn I was to Japanese culture, in the sparkly imaginative way belonging to my preteen years.

Why is it so hard to let go of inanimate objects? Even for the sake of living more lightly on my B.F.F. Nature?

But the good news is that I may end up getting rid of a whole stack of coffee table books! My fear of letting go of my book friends made me take the photo without the spines. (Here’s hoping I won’t continue to hoard them. *laugh*)


What about you? What inanimate objects do you hang onto evoke nostalgia? Or how do you let go?

(I’m not sure how this topic is going to work out–I miss Science Saturdays! LOL)


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

8 thoughts on “Letting go…”

  1. I let go of books easily when I know I won’t need them for work or won’t want to reread them. Of course, I have tons of books from my childhood up to recent acquisitions this year. I have a lots of objects, from plushes (I still love stuffed animals like crazy at 30 year old and am cool with it) to Star Wars figurines to objects of all sorts, and of course books and all. I am lucky that for the last 10 years, I let go fairly easily when I know I can. If I know I won’t, I don’t even fight the feeling and keep things. 🙂

      1. I was able to get some Star Wars books from a friend who had them twice, now I just wish I had the rest of the series (kid books about Obi Wan’s training with Qui Gon!)

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