A Chaos Fairy’s Family History…

Taking blog shortcut, again! Sorry!

Figured I’d just post up a quick sketch about family history. I love watching “Who Do You Think You Are” and I want to check out this show on PBS called “Finding Your Roots”.

On the paternal side, it goes back ten and eleven generations to one of the first families in Virginia. Weird, eh? Even weirder, I’m also potentially eligible for DAR (Daughters of the American Republic), through an ancestor named Edwin HIckman (Junior, I think). ROFL! This ancestor made pop culture-ish news not too long ago.


On the paternal side, the family history is pretty well documented.

If you’re genealogy/Ancestry.com buffs, here’s some of the names that appear in the paternal family tree:

Yancey, Hopkins, Mauzy, Funkhouser…Cole? I forget what else. Some colourful stories I remember hearing growing up!

I am just finding out more stuff about the maternal side of the family tree, due to a family member’s research into the Bond family on Ancestry.com. Lots of Swedes, and, quite possibly, a rowdy bunch of Vikings, one, at least, named “Olaf.” That’s pretty exciting!

It was also fun to see the results of both paternal and maternal DNA tests as offered through National Geographic kits.

Any genealogy nerds out there? Feel free to share your colourful family stories, below!


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

10 thoughts on “A Chaos Fairy’s Family History…”

  1. That’s pretty cool! There are several genealogy nerds in my family! On my paternal side, we’re all French (at least until the 17th century!) but things are different on my maternal side. On this one, I have Ukrainian, Polish and Greek roots! 🙂 The funny thing is that it was my Dad who came up with my first name!

  2. Connecticut farmers moved to eastern Ohio around 1815 and from there to NW PA on dad’s side. French Huguenots escaped France to Boston in mid 1600’s and from there to Jamestown, NY and then to NW PA on mom’s side. Then the preacher’s son (dad) met the farmer’s daughter (mom) and here we are.

    1. Mauzys are French Huguenots! Traced back to one ancestor that came over to a certain area of US, I think (Virginia?). Family legend I remember hearing is that we are all drunks because he escaped to…England…in wine barrel before coming to US. Maybe we’re related (distantly)

      1. Actually, most of the last-names I’ve got floating around my family tree have been pretty well documents through time 🙂 I’ve got all sorts of fun things to explore. Yoder I haven’t done much with because we’re so well traced on that (to the Yoders of Great Swamp) and the Gammons name I haven’t been able to explore much with because it’s gotten back to the 1700s leap over the Atlantic from England, and then he kinda doesn’t appear to exist. Other lines have traced back to the Mayflower. It’s lots of fun, but I think my attention and time-sink will end up being in finding the STORIES of the people. 🙂

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