Quirky, Flavourful Mysteries!

For Misfit Monday (aka Nerdy Pleasures!), I am sharing my secret predilection for themed murder mysteries.

Yes, despite the grumbly, ass-kicker front I try to present to the world (or hide LOL), I love those murder mystery series that revolve around recipes, knitting, candle-making, cats–you name it.

Once, I went to the Gulf Gate Library and they had these brightly coloured strips of paper that listed recommendations for further reading–like “If you like…then you’ll like…” so I ended up reading every book they carried of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson mysteries–with delectable titles like Blackberry Pie Murder and Red Velvet Cupcake Murder. Yum.

They stopped making those little suggestion strips, I think (sadly!), but here are some other guilty, nerdy reading pleasures!

Tim Myers, candlemaking mysteries (OMG, he’s got a lighthouse murder series, and I love lighthouses! Holy sleuthing, Batman!)


If my eyeball gets better, I want to start reading some more Hanukkah and Christmas-themed murder mystery books, even though I’m pagan. Oh, I’ll bet there’s Halloween murder mysteries…my favourite holiday! Got hooked with Kate Kingsbury’s books: http://www.doreenrobertshight.com/id2.html

And read through a lot of these knitting murder mysteries, as well: http://www.maggiesefton.com/knitting.html

I am lax in my reading of Rita Mae Brown’s cat mysteries (sadly, have only read a few) but will catch up one of these days.


Got any other suggestions, or favourites, in this genre? Or am I alone in mystery-lovers’ Nerdville? *laugh*

Okay, now I’m going to work on a manuscript for a client, or, in reality, try not to freak out about slowly going blind in my poor eyeball. LOL.

I can’t see too well, so forgive any typos and poor/stilted  writing. ;-p


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

9 thoughts on “Quirky, Flavourful Mysteries!”

  1. I have never discovered themed murder mystery novels before. How have I not noticed these! I was going to suggest vampire murder mysteries but I guess that wouldn’t be much of a mystery lol Christmas ones I like the sound of or holiday one’s or party one’s, where there are lots of people in the one location that are all vaguely tied to each other. Knitting mysteries though!?

    1. Yeah, I know (re: knitting). It just doesn’t compute, eh? Especially considering that if I sat down and tried to knit, I’d probably end up jamming the knitting needle into my own eye out of frustration. LOL. But, then, I wouldn’t have to worry about my grey-splooch floater. 😀

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