Another Award Nomination!

I just got another award…the Versatile Blogger Award…from Tobe Damit over at Loud Alien Noize! Thanks! Check out his blog, it’s great!

Seven Facts about Me (I’m supposed to do this, but I always feel narcissistic. LOL):

  • I hate cooking, but once upon a time I wanted to be a chef.
  • I dream in colour. Often multiple dreams a night. They are so vivid and immersive that I hope I never end up in a coma and can’t wake up. Kinda like that movie The Cell. So scary!
  • I went to an non-traditional, activist-orientated school for my undergraduate degree, Goddard CollegeDavid T. Dellinger spoke at my graduation ceremony. Or, breathed activist fire, more accurately. And, one of my other teachers at the same school got arrested for protesting the occupation of Vieques back in 2001, with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s wife. You can see him in the picture, far right.,5522073
  • I like “modern” (futuristic) architecture–I even find a certain appeal in Brutalist architecture.
  • I have trouble telling time and counting. But, I was reading from an unusually early age.
  • I’ve been a vegetarian (<–vegetable murderer!) since 1990.
  • I met members of the band The Cure a couple of times.

Nominated Blogs (only if you want to respond). I’m in the middle of even more chaos than usual with moving and whatnot, but maybe you’ll get some new readers/viewers this way!

Wolf is my Soul

Politics and Hip Hop

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Rootless Introspection

Science Fiction, Transmedia, and Fandom

Lance Greenfield (Travel)

Women Talk…Little Girls Listen

The History Jar

History with a Twist

Fractured Galaxies

La Audacia de Aquiles

Ruins and Relics

Green Lizard’s Blog

Dorisak Bento

The Reporter and the Girl

The Bookish God


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

11 thoughts on “Another Award Nomination!”

    1. Well, I did like parts of the experience, but it’s also kind of a mixed feeling about it. I think I blogged a little bit about it, in a general way, once. Like, they were so much part of my childhood/teen years, so a lot of their songs hold (and still do) a certain…magical serendipity? Hard to explain. So, meeting them is like taking out part of the illusion. Sometimes, it’s better to leave celebrities to their privacy and maintain the distance in order to preserve the romantic illusion. LOL Meeting them was actually accidental. My friend wanted to follow the tour bus to get some pictures of said tour bus, so we did. And it pulled right into their hotel. So we got out and met them. Three times, actually. Perry also used to live here and I waited on him when I was working at a local coffee shop…LOL. I did have my “otherworldly” moment (and, no, it didn’t involve hooking up) with Robert Smith when he got offstage at the…Tampa concert?…that really tied into how I felt when I listen to their older songs. That was enough for me…a perfect experience! But, let me just say, it was uncanny watching Sean Penn in “This Must be the Place.”

      1. Thank you so much for telling me about your experiences with meeting them. I know the feeling of having songs by certain bands become part of them, like when you see those singers you associate them with certain songs of theirs. Then when you start to have emotions attached to those songs it’s like the lines melt away and singer becomes linked to emotions… happy, sad, or anything inbetween… it would seem unreal or ‘dream within dream’ territory. I would want photos to remember 🙂

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