Non-linear travel and climate change (and nowhere left to travel to?)…

Lately, all the news and continual (and growing) awareness of the impact humans have been having on the earth have really made me feel more and more bleak by the day. I mean, nothing changes–what with fracking and GMOs and forest-clearing, and rising seas, and accelarated extinction rates and GMOs and this generation’s version of Agent Orange (yes, I’m looking at you, Round-up, which people persist on using like water. I mean, not even the local extension service and the local Audubon society see anything wrong with using it.)

So, what does this have to do with travel? It has to do with the fact I’m questioning so much about mine/yours/our lifestyles. I have been so restless and frustrated–trying to get out of a locale and a life status that is not conducive to any sort of personal growth. And it has begun to seem like the very epitome of “taking-stuff-for-granted” human indulgence. That while I’m striving to reach a life level that I am independently able to meet my own basic needs–food, shelter, clothing–every other (non-human) species on this planet is giving up their lives/their basic life comfort so that I can have even a modicum of the same comfort. So that I can drive my car to the store and get groceries with my food stamps with my (un) natural habitat. And that these vanishing/vanished life forms have no choice–no say in the matter. I think it’s the height of selfishness on the part of humans (myself, included). And, as hippie/new-agey as it sounds, I think we really need to start cultivating a different mindset–to accept a wider responsibility for all of earth’s inhabitants, and not be so one-dimensional in our thoughts, in our lives, in our view of the world. Could it be that evolution is such a hotbed topic right now, because people may not want to sign up for the painful growth that the responsibility of evolving ourselves, as a collective human race, entails? It’s so easy to just believe the world will go on as it always has, despite the fact that the very real signs of our ongoing shortsightedness is all around us. (part of the inspiration for this blog post, in an odd way, via blogger James:

That things like  “vacation” or even “adventure” travel is not a luxury humans can afford, not if we don’t want to become extinct ourselves (yes, probably some gazillion years from now, but…you get the point). Along with so many other things. Eating out gourmand-style. Watching the latest and best movies/tv shows. Even reading the latest books. Time to train ourselves/our brains to shake off this very human habit of self-indulgence?



Author: The Chaos Realm

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10 thoughts on “Non-linear travel and climate change (and nowhere left to travel to?)…”

  1. It’s rough isn’t it when we take a step back and go wow I can’t believe the way humans are damaging the earth. I mean, we do want keep future generations alive right? I get sarcastic sometimes, don’t mind me.

  2. Very interesting perspective you have presented in this post! Sometimes we get too caught up in our every day lives and ‘first world problems’ and fail to consider other human beings who are struggling to have their basic needs met.

    I completely agree with the bit where you said that we should not be so one-dimensional in our thoughts, lives and view of the world. Having a world view is so important, I just think that travel is one of the ways that we achieve that, and is not necessarily as indulgent as the other things you mentioned – like eating out and watching the latest tv shows, because it educates us about the world and it’s environmental and social problems as we are able to experience them first hand and expand our worldview, therefore perhaps travel is not as indulgent and luxurious as you suggest? Just a thought, really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m definitely a travel fan! So it’s a look into my own wants and preferences as well. Very good point on hazards/downside of being isolationist…which I definitely also don’t think is the way to be. Love new cultural experiences! I was born and raised in the South, which, although it has its fringe noncomformist groups, has never really been known for its progressive, open-to-other-cultures ways, sadly.

      1. I certainly think there is a balance that needs to be struck between isolationism and self indulgence. I guess it is harder for some people then it is for other’s to seek out new culture experiences, and their are some places where sadly it is hard to transpose these experiences to promote open mindedness in our community! That is sad that the place you grew up is not so open minded, though that just makes it more fantastic that you seem to be 🙂 I’m from Perth in Western Australia which is pretty much a melting pot of cultures haha so my context could not really be much more dissimilar, glad we can agree on some things 🙂

      2. That reminds me of my favourite quote from a book by Alasdair Gray, Lanark: “Art is the only work open to people who can’t get along with others and still want to be special.”

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