Groundhog Day! (or, in fact, Magazine Monday)

Happy Groundhog Day! I couldn’t find one of those funny “True Facts” videos about the groundhog. If you haven’t seen them, check them out. They are great!

Well, I couldn’t find any documentaries or nature shows on the groundhog, either, for Movie Monday. *laugh* I tried…

So, since it’s late and I’m just now wrapping up work and such, I’ll just post my favourite magazines, and even some that are no longer in print, just for nostalgic’s sake…

Does anybody even read magazines anymore?


Okay, well, if you made it this far, just go watch some more of those awesome  out-of-this-world “True Facts” videos, instead! Everybody loves animal videos, right?

Out-Of-Print (weird, I still have copies of some of these)


Author: The Chaos Realm

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7 thoughts on “Groundhog Day! (or, in fact, Magazine Monday)”

  1. For what it’s worth, I can’t get enough of videos of tourists discovering coatis, which are kind of the Latin American version of the raccoon, and which move in large warming packs all over tourists trying to have lunch, and swiping lunch.

    1. Here’s your video.

      She’s FRICKIN’ FEEDING THEM?!??!! Delibrately?!??! WTH?

      I’m kinda laughing, but here we have a little of the same problem, with snowbirds and tourists who think it’s bloody cute to feed the raccoons, gators, seagulls, and Muscovy ducks, and who knows what else. Probably bears and wild pigs. So, if you come to Florida, please, PLEASE, don’t feed the wildlife.

    2. *laughs* I volunteered at a wildlife rehab center, and it fell to me to feed the raccoons. They said “you gotta be quick and slide the food in there really fast and slam the door.” They were in a pen with a double door, you step into this holding alcove, lock the door before opening the pen door. Well, one day I wasn’t fast enough, and I swear those juvenile raccoons moved faster than the speed of light. In a blink, I was covered, head to toe, with furry, curious raccoons. They were untying my shoes, digging through my hair, looking in my mouth and up my nose…you get the idea. LOL

  2. Ever since Flipboard came along, I quit reading magazines, although I am going to subscribe to the Grimdark Magazine since I love grimdark fantasy. They publish high quality stories from great authors and it’s electronic.

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