The (Vitrified) Glass Ceiling in Science…

On Women Scientists, and their Accomplishments, in History  (add your favourite women scientists in the comments below!):


Author: The Chaos Realm

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6 thoughts on “The (Vitrified) Glass Ceiling in Science…”

  1. An entomologist named Maria Sibylla Merian was borned in the 17th century. She was the first person who have done an extentedsive studies of butterfly methamorphosis and made several scintific illustrations about it. However, for being a woman, the scientific community at that time just scoffed at her woks. It took more than a hundred years for others to “prove” that her studies are correct all along.

    I have watched a documentary about her life on Natural Curiosities by David Attenborough (sp?) and it’s very interesting.

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