Smattering of South American cuisine…

Someday, soon, I hope to travel here! In the meantime, I have to content myself (or not!) with virtual exploration. Starting with local food/recipes! (I am behind in my blog reading–773 new blog posts in my inbox–but I’ll get to them soon, I promise!)

What culinary adventures await you this weekend?

A good overview/background, because it breaks it down by country, re: influences, etc. 🙂

Other links that looked interesting!

I don’t know how I missed the fact that PBS has a food page!

Travelling while eating!

This link also includes Central America:


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11 thoughts on “Smattering of South American cuisine…”

  1. Very timely — I am just about to attempt Brazilian Cheese Bread. Also, one of my favorite side dishes of all time is a four bean salad with origins in Guyana. Thanks for the links to additional recipes!!

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