International Holocaust Remembrance Day


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15 thoughts on “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”

      1. Sometimes it’s just taking some time to reflect, or re-reading one of the books I have. My undergrad degree had a Holocaust Studies element to it, and I’ve been interested in that history for a ridiculously long time. When I was working at a church I participated in or ran Remembrance worship services.

      2. History, but the school I attended required a rather intensive senior paper/project. Mine looked at Finland during WWII and Children’s experiences during the Holocaust. I wrote a paper, and put together a website that had some oral history’s of survivors, as well as an exploration of the US Holocaust Museum in DC.

      3. Sadly no – it was hosted through the school I was attending and they only kept alumni accounts for a short time. I may revisit the material, though, and put some of it up through here 🙂

      4. Nice. I spent my morning listening to a…podcast?..of a historian/professor about her research into the lives of two women back in the…1800s who were in a very public marriage, as a couple…interesting…

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    I normally try to do something for Holocaust Remembrance Day, but this year it just didn’t happen. I am planning on doing something, however, for the United States Days of Remembrance in April. For now, here are a few links about International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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