Movies about living tiny…

Since I’m still in the midst of downsizing, I’d thought I’d post some movies about tiny homes and living tiny (and/or mobile!). I’ve been seeing this trend, even in our neighbourhood, to tear down old homes instead of fixing them up, and then (cheaply) build Mc-Mansions. Sad. It’s like a whole culture of shiny-new-plastic worshippers. I’ll call it the  “Wal-Mart” (or Target!) effect. (In with the old…?)

I’ll also put some links to miscellaneous websites at the bottom, if you want to know more. Look for the ones that are made with reclaimed lumber (barns, etc.). You can also restore anything…vintage trailers, vintage RVs, railroad cars, school buses, bookmobiles–let your DIY imagination run wild! Also, you can get furniture from garage sales, antique stores, and places like that, instead of buying new.

Aside from the letting-go-of-book trauma, I am trying to decide whether to let go of some of my other furniture: A Saarinen tulip base table and four matching chairs from the 70s, a Heywood Wakefield desk (unfortunately, it’s been stained dark, but still neat! I need to take the drawer handles off and replace them with something more accurate to the time period.), and some other odds and ends. The chairs, especially, need some work. Anybody have some tips on what to do to spruce them up/maintain the chairs and table base (without painting them somehow of course), by proper restoration standards?

Anyway, onto the links!

Tiny: The Movie–

We: The Tiny House People–

Small is Beautiful:


Tiny Texas Houses:

Old Log Cabins:

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes:

Tiny House Blog:

Salvage Secrets:

They probably have someplace like this where you live:

This blogger has some AMAZING posts about things like the Art Nouveau movement (multiple posts on that subject) and the Futuro houses by Matti Suuronen, which I love.

Check out the blogs (with great videos) here:

Find your own vintage dream home, here:

Happy Restoration/Downsizing/Recycling! Live lightly, and prosper!


Author: The Chaos Realm

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2 thoughts on “Movies about living tiny…”

  1. Not certain how one would go about refinishing those types of chairs and table. If it were wood, that would be easy. Best of luck to you though.

    1. No kidding, right? (re: wood vs plastic LOL) Yeah, somebody IRL has something that potentially can take off surface rust, which is what they concluded it probably is. (On the tops of the chairs at the bottom). We can take the bottoms off and have them painted at an autobody shop, if it came down to it. Still not sure about the tops.

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