I Love Vermont…

(All photos taken by me–copyright disclaimer)

CIMG4712 CIMG4717

CIMG4827 CIMG4829 CIMG4830 CIMG4832CIMG4833 CIMG4834CIMG4836 CIMG4838 CIMG4840 CIMG4843 CIMG4849 CIMG4851


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

6 thoughts on “I Love Vermont…”

    1. You know, I’m more of a skeptic, and I like my fantasy to be exactly that…otherwise it wouldn’t be fantasy…but lots of very strange, mystical occurrences happened there…including seeing a very wee humanoid forest creature skipping along a row of bushes. In broad daylight. Leaving the school parking lot. And I even tested myself by keeping my eyes on a fixed spot and the creature moved in a natural forward trajectory out of my line of sight. When I went back to tracking it, it faded so that it was barely visible against the bushes, like it became camouflaged and then I lost sight of even the outline of the figure. Weird. Haven’t found a sufficiently logical explanation yet, LOL.

      1. There are a lot of unexplained phenomena. The little people myths are the same all around the world, in completely unconnected cultures too. It’s quite strong in Iceland from what I hear, and also in Turkey. Though the forest spirits there are rather scary things, not the cutesy little fairy folk.

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