Doctor Who-Themed Recipes and more delectable guilty (food) pleasures…!

Okay, after finally being able to watch the last season of “Doctor Who” with Peter Capaldi, I am officially a fan of the show!

So, for this “Foodie Friday” blog, I’m including some Doctor Who-themed recipes, treats, etc. that I found at “an automated open collection station for the unwary diner”. Or, maybe just the Internet–same thing, technically…*laugh* (There’s more goodies after the Doctor Who treats!–scroll down)

If I were not a walking biohazard in the kitchen, I would be so tempted by this cookbook:

For those blog readers who aren’t “Doctor Who” fans but don’t want to miss out on some scrumptious nibbles, here’s some other delicious recipes (borrowed from other bloggers) to peruse:


Fried Ravioli!

Quick Steak Salad you can make (four times over, probably) during a commercial break:

Recipes from Female Chefs (in honor of the Doctors’ feisty female companions,  of course!):

Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes (for all your wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey party gatherings):

Many of these would be perfect for your Doctor Who marathon! Check out the Fish-and-Chips cookies!

Earth-based “Magic” (It’s my guess these won’t work to ward off attacks by Daleks or Cybermen):

For vegetarian/vegan Doctor Who fans (like me!)

According to this blogger, this is from an old-time WWII recipe issued by the British government–to be reused/recycled in a future time of planetary siege. (Yes, I added that last bit. And, probably doesn’t fit, but it looked so yummy. Especially their suggestion to put the rose hip syrup over ice cream!).


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