Quirky Museums….

So, I just finished reading (from my book collection) Offbeat Museums: The Collection and Curators of America’s Most Unusual Museums by Saul Rubin. Some have closed, unfortunately (the book was put out in 1997) but many of the museums still remain. Check out the book for some off-the-beaten path museum adventures!

So many I’d like to visit, including this one, if it re-opens in a different locale, as the website claims (Apparently, a pretty controversial museum. Pretty telling that a basic human function OF WOMEN, could create such furor. :-p Just so silly that humans can still be so small-minded and un-progressive.).

I’d love to re-visit this one. One of the travel bloggers I follow (Travelling Jules) who was touring Amsterdam, when asking for what we liked about Amsterdam, reminded me that I visited this fascinating museum–the Venustempel, or Sexmuseum (on the website they list the minimum entry/viewing age as 16). An intellectual pleasure to see history and archaeological artifacts uncensored (no creepy pun intended LOL).

Or maybe check out this covert museum, full of secrets.

As some of you may remember from a couple of my previous blog entries, I enjoyed visiting Tinkertown, located in New Mexico.

What’s the oddest “offbeat” museum you’ve visited?


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10 thoughts on “Quirky Museums….”

  1. There is a very cool museum in Dover, Ohio focused on the life’s work of a man named Mooney Warther. The man was a master carver, and carved trains all his life in the early 20th century out of ivory and wood. They trains are beautiful and his handmade knives are still being handmade right there off the museum gift shop.

      1. The book in the blog 🙂 Offbeat Museums: The Collections and Curators of America’s Most Unusual Museums And, yes, it does look rad. I’d go visit! Glad it’s still open…

      2. Ah!!!! Duh. Yeah, I live in SC now but used to live about 90 miles from the Warther museum and my grandparents took me when I was about 9 I think. I have probably revisited around 10 times. Several of those were as an adult. I enjoy it more every time. 🙂

        And no, the knives were never made from ivory, just some of his carvings. The knives are actually extremely high quality and worth some money! I bought a couple about 10 years ago.

      3. I love museums! Can’t wait to start travelling again! <–downsizing. I know somebody in Cleveland, so, maybe I'll get there soon! It reminded me of the Circus Museum here, where this guy made a huge, moving diorama of circus life…

      4. Very cool. There are two dioramas there at the Warther Museum, showing live in the early industrial revolution era factories. Each piece and part was hand carved and he never used a drop of glue! Each RIVIT was carved and put into place and there were TONS of moving parts! Can you imagine??

      5. Not even remotely (imagine doing that)! I made a model of the Loew’s theatre once for somebody’s holiday village, where the pieces were already made–you just had to stick them together with glue, and, well, let’s just say there was a lot of epithets and curses being spoken *laugh*

  2. It’s not that crazy, but the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio, is well worth a visit, not least because they run their own merry-go-round at a good six rotations per minute, which is fast enough to make it an exciting ride.

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