2015 Horoscope Courtesy of IFLScience! (found it on their Facebook page)

Image by Fljúgandi Spagettískrímslið.


Thought this pic on IFLScience’s Facebook page was great–it made me laugh! So, yes, I don’t really believe in predictions-via-horoscopes and astrology and fortune-telling and all that. Part of my personality is skeptic, science-loving, analytical, and practical, with an extremely annoying eye for detail, especially when it comes to editing and fact-checking, and in analytical reasoning.

BUT, I do read horoscopes and tarot cards and am always dreaming (both in sleep and during the day) and believe in magic and imagination and the impossibly fantastical and in the fact that trees, plants, animals–even rocks, insects, etc. are sentient, emotional/energy beings.

Why? How can you be both? How can you like both Star Trek AND Star Wars?!?!?!

It’s very simple. I answer, “Why can’t I?”

I like horoscopes because they can be a serendipitous source of creative inspiration–anything is, and to close yourself off from something that you, in all your intellectually based “superiority”, is a deprivation for your self and for your connected, aware experience on this planet. I like tarot readings because they give me insight when I’m not thinking clearly. Inspiration and the creative spirit can come from unlikely sources–I’ve even been inspired by the most insipid background TV show. Imagine my brain is a basket and I wander around collecting stuff from everywhere. I weed it through my filter and tuck it away for future reference. They are nothing but tools for the creative imagination, or manifestions of said creative thought. A fun indulgence to get the brain inspired. To get it to dream.

I love physics and natural science and geology and marine science and astronomy and anthropology and environmental science and entomology and archaeology and a million other areas of scientific study/outlets for scientific curiosity. I also ove unicorns and fairies and  dragons and ghosts and aliens and everything else outside the realm of “reality”. I don’t want them proved or disproved scientifically–their primary appeal is that they are impossible. They can exist as real within the no-limits world of the other. I don’t believe in ghosts OR aliens, though I’ve done a ton of reading into both areas. I love the mystery of the unknown–the impossible possibility. If I saw a dragon every day, or in “real life” the mystery and magic would be lost. I love dragons because they exist somewhere between reality and fiction. What I don’t like about a certain sort of scientific mindset (like somebody I encountered, recently) is that they say “you can’t have both” and they look down on me because I straddle both worlds, comfortably, and with no crisis of conscience or conflict or mental split.

I don’t agree with everything scientists do…I don’t think they are the sanctified idols of the 21st century when certain scientific types use “scientific impartiality” as a justification to torture animals in a laboratory. To dissect them, to test poisons on them, to rip them apart and experiment on them whenever they want. It’s sheer sadism, and it’s sick. They are akin to those who kill without compunction–serial killers, for example.

There’s nothing wrong with being a complex, multi-dimensional being. Especially one that rescues stray animals and turtles crossing busy streets while humming the theme song from Star Wars. Or is it Star Trek…?


Author: The Chaos Realm

Copy Editor/Proofreader, Historian, Freelance Writer, Virtual Assistant.

2 thoughts on “2015 Horoscope Courtesy of IFLScience! (found it on their Facebook page)”

  1. There’s a rule against liking both Star Wars and Star Trek? I and other people in my family have been breaking that rule, if there is such a rule.

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