Native American Ancestral Cuisine Cooking Competition…

O…M…G…how I wish I was there! *pines* They even have a chef from Santa Fe’s Coyote Cafe! (if you haven’t realized it by now, I think Santa Fe, and New Mexico in general, is the foodie capital of the U.S.–of the states I’ve been to. The food/restaurants are so frickin’ fabulous!).

Check out this great foodie blog post from fellow blogger Oscar Hokeah:


Author: The Chaos Realm

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5 thoughts on “Native American Ancestral Cuisine Cooking Competition…”

      1. HA HA! Yeah, I’m not much one for “reality”/regular tv-watching, these days. Ironically, not as much as when I was in grad school (part of my ADHD reward/motivational system for schoolwork *laugh*). Somewhere on here are my fav N.M. restaurants…and I’m in the process of organizing a move…so I don’t eat out too much… 😦

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