Not Looking Back…

Usually, I do history and stuff on this page, but I don’t really feel like looking back at the past, or even back at 2014…the sooner-forgotten, the better.

Right now, I’m in the middle of downsizing. Well, I’ve been doing it for a while (gone through records, collectibles, mementos, posters, etc.) and now it’s the books’ turn. *sigh* Anybody want some books (some I’ve had since I was a kid)–free to a good home! *laugh* (half teasing unless you’re local–no $$ for postage).

But it’s been good to sort through them…so many stored memories within the pages of the books, and plus it’s been helpful in defining my sense of self and who I will be in this next transition (Transition #457), in deciding what books I really want to keep on my shelf.

I want to live small. Lightly. Travel. Have more adventures. I’ve gotten away from having those over the past several years–trying desperately to find work that can support me and my two elderly cats. Trying to conform to mainstream society, which has made it painfully, humiliatingly clear it wants no part of me, despite all I can bring to the table. Trying to do everything right–communicate openly, show feelings, strive for honesty, care about what they think and feel within the boundaries of a rarely-embarked-upon (for me) interpersonal relationship–and ultimately failed.

Not sure what sort of livespace I want for my future self (selves!) but it will be tiny–tiny house, caravan/vardo, on wheels, train car, off-the-grid earthship house, small modern place, unusual/different house, buy a vintage home and fix it up–the possibilities are endless. Look for some housing links at the end of the blog.

What life changes await you in 2015?

In the spirit of life changes and transitions, here’s some #TBT links about travellers/nomadic wanderers/light-livers on this planet, past and present–romanticism aside. (Note: This is just a brief overview for the blog, not a full-on study or professional/historical/academic presentation *laugh*)

Tiny Homes, Cabins and Caravans/Vardos:


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