Gift-Giving Ideas for History Junkies!

For Throwback Thursday, I figured I’d post up some gift-giving ideas for history junkies like me! Books, of course, are always a great choice! Ask me in comments for recommendations! (<–MA in history/academic/voracious reader) Or, just visit my Goodreads page (

Great History Videos from PBS!, Including the dramatized Bletchley Circle, which is fabulous!

A gift membership to a local history museum, historic site, or National Park site. (An example, here, or just stop by your local museum.)

There’s also a National Parks Passport Program: purchase/enroll here:

Also found this from a blog I follow, so adding it in:

A gift membership (comes with magazine) for the National Trust for Historic Preservation:

Many travel agencies and other travel sites have information about history-related tours and travel trips for your loved one, life partner, family member, etc.: Here’s an example (yes, you guessed it, to one of my favourite places! *laugh*):

Here’s some random sites I found that have some other history-related gift ideas:

A subscription to a history-related magazine (or one with some history-related articles like Renaissance Magazine or Smithsonian Magazine): (I’ve also had a few articles and reviews published here *laugh*) (they have lots of other history subjects via this magazine publisher as well)


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