I seem to have time-travelled a day ahead, blog-wise.

Oh, poo. I just realized that I thought yesterday was Wednesday, and posted a blog accordingly, on Tuesday. So,here’s my “Travel Tuesday” blog…

I visited Vancouver and Victoria (in Canada) too long ago to even have digital pictures to share (plenty on actual film, though) but I loved my trip there. I’ve actually been there twice: once when I was going to photography school in Montana, and once to visit a pen pal. I went to the aquarium, and had high tea at the Empress Hotel. I know I did other things, but I’ll have to rely on some random links I looked up to fill out this blog. I love Canada though–it’s on the list of places for a “maybe someday” move! I’d love to visit Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island and other places in that area of Canada as well…

Let me know how your trip is! I think the winter months in gorgeous British Columbia would be awesome!

Victoria travel links:

Now I really have to go back…see all the stuff I missed on my flying trip through Victoria *pine* http://www.tourismvictoria.com/


And, because I adore maritime history: http://mmbc.bc.ca/

Here’s the link for the Empress Hotel: http://www.fairmont.com/empress-victoria/

Assorted Museums, Galleries, and Theatres: http://www.bestbnbvictoria.com/victoriaattractions/artgallery/

B&B lodgings: http://www.bestbnbvictoria.com/lodging-2/

On to Vancouver, Canada!

Tourism sites:



Museums to check out! http://govancouver.about.com/od/ThingsToDo/tp/Vancouver-Museums.htm

The Aquarium website: http://www.vanaqua.org/






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