Post-Thanksgiving Munchies…

So, I try to post “equal opportunity” recipes (well, not equal opportunity for the critters, but…) for all food preferences. Most times the meat recipes don’t bother me…I used to be a cook and was hoping to build a career in the restaurant biz at one time. Peel shrimp, slice meat, work the grill–all that stuff.

For some reason, today, I looked at one photo of a turkey leftover recipe on the Food & Wine page, and immediately went “blech”. It was like I could almost smell, and taste, the turkey, and it instantly brought back memories of childhood meals. *laugh*

When we were growing up, we “had” to eat everything on our plate, and the paper table napkins could only hide so much meat in them. Also, the closet that held the semi-masticated meat repository (usually a shoe box or plastic bag) was always raided and discovered before I had a chance to smuggle it out to the garbage can. Once, I was ratted out by a visiting family member’s dog as I went to the “bathroom” with my napkin-wrapped bundle of meat. Frickin’ dog.

About a year after I graduated high school (1991), I became vegetarian.

Vegetarianism is natural to me, just as maybe eating meat is natural to others. Some sort of internal body chemistry that dictates taste/food cravings? I don’t know…

Any foods you were “had” to eat as a kid that you can’t stand as an adult?

Anyway, here’s your “Foodie Feasting Friday” recipes! Hope I didn’t ruin anybody’s appetite! 🙂

Food & Wine:

Great Ideas From Grist!

And (belated) vegan recipes, also from Grist:

Spice up the leftovers with a chili sauce!:

Scrumptious Pumpkin Oatmeal (vegan)…MMMM:

Apparently, it’s National French Toast Day today:

And, if you’re like me and don’t cook (US only, sorry), here’s some restaurants for holiday dining:

Make one of these and binge-watch garbage TV, and avoid the scary Black Friday nightmare:

Or Egg Nog:


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