The Bletchley Circle

Little gray cells think...

Love a good old-fashioned whodunit? Addictive, captivating and set in the post World War II (WW II) era, “The Bletchley Circle” is a treat to watch and would appeal to mystery lovers and mathematicians alike! Bletchley circle is an original ITV British production that premiered for the US audience in April 2013, on PBS.

Bletchley Park was the hub of Britain’s main decryption program during the WWII, which believe it or not had about 80% of women employees! Mathematicians would particularly recognize the name Alan Turing, who was a cryptanalyst working at Bletchley Park. courtesy of:

The series is about a team of four women, who worked in Bletchley Park as code breakers of Nazi communication during WWII. Although they tell each other “Never to be ordinary”, yet a few years after WWII we see all the four ladies leading normal lives made mundane by the fact…

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